Professional ethics and code of conduct for practicing an architect in India

Professional Ethics And Code Of Conduct For Practicing an Architect, are one of the most important and considerable things in the life and professions as an architects. But What is professional ethics? or Code of Conduct for an practicing architect? Who really won’t to start practicing architecture in India. Here today we see, How Indian Government consider this Professional Ethics And Code Of Conduct for an Visionary and Thinker of country, Because Actually an architect is one of the five thinkable person of the world. Architect have their personal responsibility to create something for humanity, society, and country.

Professional Ethics For Practicing an Architect in India

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Let’s Get some ideas of Indian governmental provision for professional ethics and code of conduct for an architects,

Short Title and Commencement:

  1. These regulations may be called with Architects (Professional Conduct) Regulations, 1989.
  2. They shall come into force on the date of their publication in the Official Gazette.*

Professional Ethics And Code Of Conduct:


Every architect, either in practice or employment, subject to the provisions of the Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1964 or any other similar rules applicable to an Architect, he shall:-

Ensure that his professional activities do not conflict with his general responsibility to contribute to the quality of the environment and future welfare of society.

Apply his skill to the creative, responsible and economic development of his country.

Provide professional services of a high standard, to the best of his ability.

If in private practice, inform his Client of the conditions of engagement and scale of charges and agree that these conditions shall be the basis of the appointment.

Not sub-commission to another Architect or Architects the work for which he has been commissioned without prior agreement of his Client.

Not give or take discounts, commissions, gifts or other inducements for the introduction of Clients or of work.

Act with fairness and impartiality when administering a building contract.

Maintain a high standard of integrity.

Promote the advancement of Architecture, standards of Architectural education, research, training and practice.

Conduct himself in a manner which is not derogatory to his professional character, nor likely to lessen the confidence of the public in the profession, nor bring Architects into disrepute.

Compete fairly with other Architects.

Observe and uphold the Council’s conditions of engagement and scale of charges.

Not supplant or attempt to supplant another Architect.

Not prepare designs in competition with other Architects for a Client without payment or for a reduced fee (except in a competition conducted in accordance with the Architectural competition guidelines approved by the Council).

Not attempt to obtain, offer to undertake or accept a commission for which he knows another Architect has been selected or employed until he has evidence that the selection. Employment or agreement has been terminated and he has given the previous Architect written notice that he is so doing. Provided that in the preliminary stages of works, the Client may consult, in order to select the Architect, as many Architects as he wants, provided he makes payment of charges to each of the Architects so consulted.

Comply with Council’s guidelines for Architectural competitions and inform the Council of his appointment as assessor for an Architectural competition.

When working in other countries, observe the requirements of codes of conduct applicable to the place where he is working.

Not have or take as partner in his firm any person who is disqualified for registration by reason of the fact that his name has been removed form the Register under Section 29 or 30 of the Architects Act, 1972.

Provide their employees with suitable working environment, compensate them fairly and facilitate their professional development.

Recognize and respect the professional contribution of his employees.

Provide their associates with suitable working environment, compensate them fairly and facilitate their professional development.

Recognize and respect the professional contribution of his associates.

Recognize and respect the professional contribution of the consultants.

Enter into agreement with them defining their scope of work, responsibilities, functions, fees and mode of payment.

Shall not advertise his professional services nor shall he allow his name to be included in advertisement or to be used for publicity purposes save the following exceptions:-

(a)  A notice of change of address may be published on three occasions and correspondents may be informed by post.

(b)  An Architect may exhibit his name outside his office and on a building, either under construction or completed, for which he is or was an Architect, provided the lettering does not exceed 10 cm. in height.

(c)  Advertisements including the name and address of an Architect may be published in connection with calling of tenders, staff requirements and similar matters.

(d)  May allow his name to be associated with illustrations and descriptions of his work in the press or other public media but he shall not give or accept any consideration for such appearances.

(e)  May allow his name to appear in advertisements inserted in the press by suppliers or manufacturers of materials used in a building he has designed, provided his name is included in an uncontentious manner and he does not accept any consideration for its use.

(f)  May allow his name to appear in brochure prepared by Clients for the purpose of advertising or promoting projects for which he has been commissioned.

(g)  May produce or publish brochures, pamphlets describing his experience and capabilities for distribution to those potential Clients whom he can identify by name and position.

(h) May allow his name to appear in the classified columns of the trade / professional directory and/or telephone directory/ website.


In a partnership firm of architects, every partner shall ensure that such partnership firm complies with the provisions of the sub-regulation (1).


Violation of any of the provisions of sub-regulation (1) shall constitute a professional mis-conduct.

Ref : COA

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So, Architects – this is all about of professional ethics and code of conduct for practicing as an architect in India. But as a creative human being, every architect have to understand that, your are the responsible for creating better tomorrow for our next generation. Use creative knowledge wisely for betterment of humankind and society.

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