Tips to Keep your Furniture and Home Decor Corona Free

Who would have thought that the year 20 would start off with the whole world shedding tears over thousands of deceased and millions infected by the Coronavirus or to be more specific COVID-19? Countries are under lockdown and all we have right now is the internet to keep ourselves updated.

India is still in the Phase-II of the global pandemic and it rests on us Indians to curb the outbreak of this life claiming virus against our 1.3 billion diverse population. Even while sitting at home you can contribute to this fight and this article is all about how you can work from home while you keep your furniture Corona free.

Check out the below tips and follow them regularly until we win this fight against the COVID-19.

Go Corona Go:

  • Use disposable gloves at all times:

Gloves are the top priority in the current scenario. Wear gloves at all times and try avoiding any direct contact with your home furniture. The virus is believed to stay on various surfaces for 2-3 hours to 2-3 days and wearing gloves will not only help you stay clean but also keep the house furniture clean.

  • Sanitize your furniture with alcohol-based disinfectants:

As discussed above, the coronavirus can survive on various surfaces for days. Even though regular cleaning is always advised, right now some extra measures need to be taken. Use alcohol-based disinfectants and sanitizers to clean your tables, chairs, desks, wardrobes, and other home interiors at least twice a day. 

  • Sorry but no guest allowed for now:

‘Atithi Devo bhava’. 

Not right now tough. We Indians are known for our hospitality and have always welcomed guests open-heartedly but considering the current situation, it is better for everyone to avoid visiting anyone and welcoming anyone in your house. Furniture is the first contact when you welcome guests and in these tough times, it is better if you have to be a bit harsh to ensure your safety. You can maintain your hygiene but you never know what the other person brings in. So in simple words avoid guests.

  • Don’t throw away your dirty laundry on sofa, bed or any other home furniture:

You may be a careless person who likes throwing away the dirty laundry anywhere you find fit be it your sofa, bed, carpet, etc just so that your mom and/or wife does the rest of the job. But it’s time that you take responsibility and keep the home furniture and home interiors away from dirty laundry by avoiding littering. Keep a separate bag or bucket for your dirty laundry.  


The Indian government is taking measures to prevent the outbreak of COVID-19 but the government alone can’t do anything. As responsible citizens of this great land, it is our responsibility to play our part and in doing so the first and very basic step starts with keeping ourselves and our homes free from the virus by maintaining hygiene.

Share this article as much as possible and educate our Indian brothers and sisters on how we are the ones fighting alongside the brave doctors, nurses, police and the government in winning this fight against the deadly COVID-19.

Stay home, stay safe!!

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