Decoding The Secrets Of Recovering Deleted Photos From Sd Card

Digital advancement has revolutionized our lives in almost every aspect. We are surrounded by tech-enabled gadgets and devices that are facilitating more comfort. In the modern era, accessibility to smartphones has become easier and cheaper for a majority of people. However, smartphones might have limited storage based on pricing and other factors. This is where the secure digital memory card (SD) steps in to amp up the storage capacity of your device.

An SD card is an easily removable device used for storing data. Its small size doesn’t pose any challenge as it is capable of holding a tremendous amount of data. Once in a while, you all must have used SD cards for the extension of internal storage in your smart devices. These mini chips bring huge convenience to safeguard your photos, videos, and other crucial data.

Recovering Deleted Photos From Sd Card,
Recovering Deleted Photos From Sd Card –

Recovering Deleted Photos From Sd Card

Despite these advantages, you may end up losing the data stored in SD cards. You can now recover the deleted data from the SD card with stellar photo recovery software. Read on to unveil the ways of data recovery.

Types of SD Cards

The mini chips come in multiple varieties. A regular SD card can hold up to 2GB of data in a device that is available in standard, micro, and mini sizes. Secure Digital High Capacity cards have more potential to secure your data from 4GB to 32GB.

Furthermore, more secured SD cards can extend the storage capacity from 32GB to 2TB with standard and micro sizes. However, the type and size of the card are defined based on the device documentation.

Working of SD Cards

SD cards store the data on electronic components called NAND chips. These chips permit the encoding and storing of the data on the SD cards. As the chips have no moving parts, you can easily transfer the data from the cards quickly, more than the speeds available to CD or hard-drive media. The NAND chips in an SD card have a long life due to which the data can be written to them thousands of times over their lifetime.

What to do when photos are deleted from SD Card?

Are you struggling to find your pictures or videos on your device? Don’t panic! There are still possibilities of recovering your data.

Follow this method to find your data:

Be it accidental formatting of the card with existing data or you removed the card while writing the data, the card gets corrupted. Though there are ways to recover your photos and videos using stellar photo recovery software.

Reasons for Losing Data from SD Card

There can be multiple reasons for losing the data from the SD card. Have you lost your data due to any of the following reasons:

  1. Removal of Memory Card While Writing the Data

Sometimes, you may remove the SD card suddenly while accessing the media on your device, your photos may be deleted. This can also lead to the corruption of SD cards.

  1. Formatting the SD Card

Have you seen display errors like ‘memory card not working’ or ‘format fault’ issues while viewing the data? This might be an indication of a partly dead memory card. If you format your SD card, it mitigates the chances of recovering thereby removing all the data. Therefore, always ensure keeping a backup of the content.

A sudden outage of SD cards results in corrupted cards and you lose all your data on the card. On the other side, your SD card may also have a virus attack that surely corrupts the data. To nullify this, stellar photo recovery software is a handy option.

  1. Inadvertent Deletion of the Data

Sometimes, deleting specific images takes up the whole of the data and it becomes terrific to recover the data in bulk. It poses a challenge for the users. However, this is not a problem anymore if you use the potential of stellar photo recovery software.

Top Ways to Recover the Deleted Data

Losing the data from the devices or SD cards might be devastating if it contains crucial data. Here are the steps to recover your data:

  1. Digging the Internal Storage

Before hopping into any other option, it is essential to look for the deleted data on the internal memory of your device or temporary storage. On deleting the data on your device, it removes the data from the device but it might not be immediately removed from your SD card.

Navigate to the recently deleted files’ folder. The photos app in your device might save it for 30 days which you can safely move to an SD card if they appear there.

  1. Backing with the Backup

An SD card is a great option for long-term storage of digital photos or to extend the storage capacity. If you click a photo without backing it up, you might not find it again in recently deleted ones. To manage storage issues in your device, backup your data along with that stays on the chip for a comparatively longer time than on your device. If SD cards witness accidental damages, creating a backup of your data is always the safest option.

  1. Data Recovery Software at Work

In worst cases, the above-mentioned methods may not prove fruitful for you. You don’t have to put in more effort. The Stellar photo recovery software helps you recover your data from an SD card. This software helps you get back the deleted files of any format.

Wrapping Up

Losing data on an SD card is not a new issue for the tech geeks. The Stellar photo recovery is a one-stop solution to recover your lost data. If all the data recovery options lead to failure, it’s time you get your hands on this amazing software. It enables the recovery of file formats including JPEG, PNG, GIF, RAW, and more. Along with data recovery from SD cards, it provides quality services to get back your data from HDD, SSD, USB drivers, and other devices.

So, what’s the holdup? Get your hands on this software.

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