How to check Jio’s data balance | How do you check JIO Data Balance?

Jio is the most popular service for Internet in India. It was only after this that the Internet started becoming cheaper in India and that is why today in the case of internet users, Jio has gone far ahead of the rest of the telecom companies.

If you are also a subscriber of Jio and use Jio ‘s SIM for internet then sometimes you will need to check the data balance . Most people use the My Jio app for this, in which you not only get to know the data balance but you can also take advantage of many other features including recharge of Jio . 

How to check Jio’s data balance | How do you check JIO Data Balance?

But if your phone does not have the My Jio app and you do not want to install it, you can still easily find out the data balance of Jio . There are two ways. One is by dialing the number and messaging the other . 

Knowing the data balance of Jio by dialing the number 

In this method, you have to dial a number from your Jio Sim which is 1299 . As soon as you go to the dialer of your phone and call the 1299 number, a message immediately comes in your phone, in which the full balance of the data of your Jio number is written.  

By knowing the data balance of Jio by messaging 

Apart from dialing 1299 number , the data balance of Jio can also be found by message . For this, you have to go to your phone’s message app and write BAL and send it to the number 199 . Keep in mind that you have to send this message using your live SIM only. 

As soon as you send the BAL to 199 , immediately a return message will come from Jio on your phone, in which your full data balance is written. 

So now you must know how to know the data balance of your Jio number without using My Jio App . 

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