Transit Elevated Bus ‘TEB’ is World’s First Elevated Bus Transport System

This is about TEB, an Transit Elevated Bus. This concept developed before some time in china. And the world’s first elevated bus is take first test drive few days back in qinhuangdao, hebei province in China, this week.

This Transit elevated bus system is really a huge vehicle. In terms of specifications, TEB spans 22 mt. long and 8 mt. wide. and reaches almost 5 meters above the tops of cars, soaring over traffic, decreasing gridlock, and speeding up ordinary vehicular travel.

World’s First Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) in China.

transit elevated bus,

Let’s check some interesting facts about world’s first and unique transit elevated bus service system.

  • This elevated bus is developed by TEB technology.
  • TEB accommodating more than 300 passengers.
  • The elevated bus straddles the road, allowing personal vehicles to pass safely underneath.
  • The massive elevated bus occupies two lanes and comprises two layers: the upper is used for carrying passengers, and the lower is hollow.
  • Vehicles under 2 meters in height can pass underneath.
  • Whether ‘TEB-1′ is moving or stopped with speeds up to 60 km/h.
  • Elevated bus transport will powered by municipal electricity and a solar energy system.
  • TEB can be suitable for both large and medium-sized cities.

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But the TEB isn’t ready to deal with competing traffic just yet. For now, the TEB is limited to a 300 meter long test track that will evaluate the braking system, drag and power consumption. Once complete, the straddling bus will move on to further testing stages.

Ref : Shanghaiist and Xinhuanet. H/T Gizmodo.

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China’s xinhua news agency reports that the governments of Brazil, France, India and Indonesia have already expressed interest in TEB.

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