What Should I Do if My Child is Addicted to Mobile Phones

Way back when my daughter was little more than a year old, she could access any smartphone single-handedly. Now my kid seems to be addicted to playing games, chat, post pics, text, surf the web…the list is endless. It drives me crazy that I know how addictive they are.

What Should I Do if My Child is Addicted to Mobile Phones

If you are worried that your child is “addicted” to their mobile phones, you are not alone. I, too, am hooked to my phone. However, addiction to tech gadgets is more severe for children. It can lead to insomnia, negative peer pressure, stress, failing grades, lack of human interaction, and much more.

So how do you find balance? How can you get your kids to use their phones appropriately but also prevent addiction?

Part 1: How to Help Your Child Deal with Mobile Phone Addiction

As a parent myself, I know for a fact how much easier it’s to let my children play on the phone. Smartphones earn us as parents a short time for peace and quiet. Plus, mobile devices are fun and educational.

However, when your kid’s smartphone use goes from convenience to full-on problematic, parents need to take a note. You might be tempted to ban the use of mobile phones, but we both know that is no solution. Do not despair!

You can still enjoy an active and healthy life and even grant your kids smartphone entertainment. Parents can gain control of their child’s phone using a parental control app called FoneMonitor. Let’s check out more details below:

FoneMonitor – The Best App to Help You Become a Digital Parent

You can monitor your child’s phone addiction using FoneMonitor. FoneMonitor is a brilliant top of the line parental control app trusted by millions of customers worldwide. With a user satisfaction rating of over 96%, you can’t do better than this.

This astounding approval among its customers is due to a unique set of features and world-class design. The app is being praised by major news outlets such as TechTimes, Digital Trends, and Forbes.

There are far greater things to FoneMonitor I can explain in words. Plus, you can learn more from the FoneMonitor website and try out the free demo.

Part 2: What Power Do You Get Using FoneMonitor

This excellent phone monitor comes equipped with over35 features. Here we list and elaborate on some of the parent’s favorite features:

Read Messages

By the use of FoneMonitor, parents can keep track of all the incoming and outgoing messages. It backs up each message into its database, even the deleted ones. Each message exchange is attached to the name of the sender, along with the time and date.

Social Media Monitor

FoneMonitor allows you to monitor social networks such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. Meaning you’ll have a clear view of the uploaded posts, shared pictures, videos, or voice notes. Attached in every chat are the sender’s name, address, and timestamp.

Go Through Call Logs

When tracking your Child’s phone activities, you also need to know with whom people they communicate. FoneMonitor allows you to receive details of your child’s contact list. You can analyse the frequency of a call, time, date, and even phone number.

The app allows you to protect them from dangerous contacts that may try to blackmail them or sell drugs to them.

Track GPS Location

Keep tabs on your kid’s movement and get the correct coordinates of all the places your child visits. It also provides you with a history of previously visited locations along with a timestamp.

Web History Watchdog

Today, Kids are just a quick click on google from learning about violence, alcohol, drugs, racisms, and pornography. With this app, you’ll get to monitor what your child does online.

It provides a summary of all visited sites with their timestamp. This way, you can restrict access to specific inappropriate content that might lead to phone addiction.

Part 3: How to Set up FoneMonitor

Before you get to enjoy all these incredible features, FoneMonitor has installed it for you. First, you’ll need to configure it.

For iOS, FoneMonitor does not require you to jailbreak your child’s device for it to work. This feature makes the process of tracking your Child’s phone easy. All you need is the child’s iCloud credentials to sync all of the kid’s phone data to its dashboard.

When it comes to Android, you will be required to download the app on their phone and activate stealth mode. Downloading the app is fast, and it does not drain its battery or occupy much space.

It achieves this by using the best cutting-edge, hidden techniques ever invented. FoneMonitor remains discreet in the background while sending data to an online dashboard 24/7.

Steps to Commence Monitoring of Your Child’s Phone Activities

Step 1: Register a new account with FoneMonitor. Choose the OS of the target phone and purchase a subscription plan.

Step 2: Configure the Child’s device:

  1. If the device runs on iOS, verify their iCloud details to sync with the phone’s iCloud backup account.
  2. For Android, use the link sent to download and install the app. Enable all permissions and activate stealth mode and let the app run.

Step 4: Use your FoneMonitor dashboard to view all the activities happening on your kid’s phone. Use the scroll menu on the left to access all the features mentioned above.

Part 4: Why Use FoneMonitor to Control Your Child Phone Addiction

FoneMonitor has some unique capabilities besides its incredible features. They include:

Works without Root/Jailbreak: Unlike another phone monitoring app, you are not required to root or jailbreak the target device to use FoneMonitor. This is one of the best features; after all tempering with the phone, the design is like poisoning it.

24/7 Customer service:  In case you need any assistance, FoneMonitor provides first-class customer service. Our customer service team is available throughout the day and responds quickly to your inquiries.

100 % Hidden Monitoring: With FoneMonitor Android stealth mode feature and iOS web nature, you can monitor kids’ phone usage without them noticing anything.

Easy to Use: The app was designed with user convenience in mind. You don’t have to possess programming skills to operate it. Anyone with basic web surfing knowledge can use FoneMonitor.

Data Privacy: The FoneMonitor app is the most popular monitoring app because of data security measures. The app ensures that whatever you find is private to you. In fact, FoneMonitor doesn’t even store data on its servers.

Web Application: Once FoneMonitor is configured, you don’t need to install any app on your phone to access kid’s information. You can do everything via its web-based, intuitive dashboard, which opens in any web browser. All you need is a reliable internet connection.


Allowing your kids to use their mobile devices is OK, as long as they don’t get addicted. Create smartphone rules and set boundaries for your young phone users. If you choose to use parental monitoring app, FoneMonitor is the best solution. An app like FoneMonitor will help you become a responsible digital parent.

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