How free mobile apps drain your best smartphone battery life 40% faster

How Free Mobile Apps Drain Your Best Smartphone Battery Life 40% Faster is really interesting facts for today smartphone battery life world and phone arena around us. Because day by day our smartphone fill with different useful and usefulness free mobile apps. And at the same time, We also know that we are not use those Free mobile apps daily basis. Some of them are may in a months, also. But after reading this article on “How Free Mobile Apps Drain Your Best Smartphone Battery Life 40% Faster”, I am sure, you defiantly sure about how to control and take care of those free mobile apps who actually drain your battery.

There’s no such thing as free — especially when it comes to smartphone apps! A new study by a team, including an Indian-American engineer, reinforces this conventional wisdom. “Ads in ‘mobile apps free download’ apps drain your smartphone batteries faster, cause it to run slower, and use more data,” said William Halfond, co-corresponding author of the study.

Best Smartphone Battery Life With Rechargeable Batteries


The findings of the team will be presented at the International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) in Italy in May. The cell phone batteries researchers found that Free mobile apps with ads use an average of 16 percent more energy. That lowers the battery life of a smartphone from 2.5 to 2.1 hours on average.

“A phone’s Central Processing Unit (CPU) is like its brain. Ads eat up a lot of that brainpower, slowing it down.

“Free mobile apps with ads take up an average of 48 percent more CPU time — 22 percent more memory use and 56 percent greater CPU utilisation,” explained co-researcher Meiyappan Nagappan from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), New York.

The team compared 21 top mobile apps for best smartphone battery life, From the past year and measured their effect on phones using analysis tools loaded onto a Samsung Galaxy SII smartphone.


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Since the ads themselves are content that has to be downloaded, mobile apps with ads cause smartphones to use much more Mobile data — up to 100 percent more, in some cases.

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On an average, these mobile apps use around 79 percent more of the expensive Mobile network data and drain best smartphone battery life, the study found. The researchers hoped app developers would take note of this study. “Right now, they’re kind of clueless,” Halfond said.

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