Spylix Review: Spy Your Android Phones Remotely

These days, the content accessible on the internet could be pretty over the line, especially for underage children. It would be an uneasy task to control what kids see online. Parental control would be essential as kids can now access smartphones and other gadgets. 

If you are a parent and were wondering how to monitor your children’s use of their smartphones, this article is for you. Parents can now watch relevant data from their kid’s phones with a tool. 

This tool helps you track information remotely from an android device and keeps you in charge of many activities. So, if you also want to recover a lost phone, this tool will be helpful.

This article will review Spylix, a tool that spies on android devices remotely. 

What Is Spylix?

Spylix is a software that tracks and monitors activities on Android and iPhone devices. This software supports over 40  data types, and it is one of the most effective spying tools for android and iPhone devices. 

It has many features that help parents monitor their kid’s phones. You can also use Spylix to track your phone when they go missing.  

This software makes it discreet that you can track devices without anyone noticing. That is why this application appeals to parents looking to monitor their kid’s activities on their smartphones. 

Spylix allows you to track Android and iPhone devices remotely from any location. You also access messages and other data from the device you want to monitor. 

What Does Spylix Do? — Features

You can track different information and data when using this app. I will discuss some of the features that come with using this software.

Track Messages on Devices

Spylix takes away any form of curiosity you might have without it. You can monitor the incoming and outgoing messages of the target device. This tool gives you access to read every message, text, and conversation that involves the target phone. 

One unique attribute of tracking messages is that you can also view deleted messages on the target Android or iPhone device. You have access to this data just from the comfort of your home. For example, you can check the Facebook secret messages with Spylix online.

Monitor WhatsApp Messages

Another exciting feature of this app is integrating and accessing WhatsApp conversations. If you want to monitor the activities of Whatsapp on an Android/iPhone device, Spylix is the perfect tool.

Spylix shows you the chats, contacts, videos clips, and photos sent and received on Whatsapp. 

You can also track other media files sent through Whatsapp, making it easy to have access to everything information you want to access. 

Read Messages From Social Apps

The use of social media apps such as Snapchat, Viber, Telegram, etc., has become more rampant these days. You might be willing to spy on your kid’s devices and monitor their conversation. 

Spylix can easily access social apps and read messages, chats and see the exchange of media files. It works similarly to the WhatsApp feature I just discussed. 

GPS Location Tracking 

GPS tracking is one of the essential features that the Spylix software offers. That is because it is helpful for different purposes. Spylix allows you to track your kid’s location with the help of a GPS tracker. You can also see the previous locations of the target Android or iPhone device. 

This feature allows you to track when the phone gets lost. It also helps track the phone owner in times of trouble. 

Spylix’s GPS tracking does not just assist you in monitoring your kid’s activities; it is also an excellent tool to assure their safety. 

View Call History

This software does not only provide information on text messages; you can also view call history. The software is built to easily spy on the contact of the target Android or iPhone device. So, you can remotely see incoming and outgoing calls. 

Spylix also gives you information about the call history, such as the time duration of the call and the contact details. 

Keylogger Detection

The keylogger detection feature lets you know all the keys pressed by the android or iPhone device you are tracking. It will help you take note of any suspicious activity on the device. 

Also, if you have set boundaries on the user’s access to some sites, this feature will make you track them. 

Track All Media Files

As I said earlier, this tool allows you to monitor media files on social apps. That is not all. It also tracks media files that the tracked Android device sends or receives through other sharing apps. 

So, every music, video, image, or file shared or saved can be monitored by Spylix. 


Geo-fencing is an attribute of this software vital to parental control. Blocking access to some sites on the Android or iPhone device might not be enough sometimes. 

Alternatively, you can use Spylix to track the activities on some sites. This software can help you create block access to Apps, websites, or WiFi. With this feature, you will get a notification whenever the device you monitor breaks through any boundaries you set. 

Is Spylix worth it?

This software is one of the most efficient in monitoring another Android or iPhone device. That is why it is best for parental control and to keep kids safe on the internet. Since Spylix allows access to any data, you can track activities that happen on the device you are tracking. 

Also, Spylix’s GPS tracking makes sure you can see the target device’s location. That means you can track the phone when they go missing. 

So, signing up for Spylix would be worth every penny. 

Spylix Review: Alternatives

Spylix is undoubtedly one of the most effective phone tracker software that you can use to monitor another device. However, there are other alternatives that you can substitute for this software. These applications include; 

  • Minspy
  • FlexiSPY
  • Spyic
  • uMobix

Final Thoughts

In today’s world of boundless social media and internet access, there is no better way of parental control than this tracking Application.  

There are also other ways you can use this tool. And tracking lost phones is one of the significant strengths of this tool.

Spylix has proved to be one of the most efficient features for tracking useful information on devices. However, this tool does not encourage the monitoring of other individuals’ phones without their consent. 

But utilizing Spylix to keep your kids safe on the internet is a great way to use this software.

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