Top 10 Useful SnapChat Tips and Tricks for Android Users

The SnapChat is one of the most popular social networking and messaging app. The app is mainly popular among the younger audience for sending secure messages. The SnapChat is the best app to send Photos or Videos that will appear on your friend’s screen for 10 sec. You can take photos, edit, filter, create effects and much more with the SnapChat and also can share publicly or privately. However, these are very basic things for every Snapchat users. Besides these, there are several cool tips and tricks available that will make you a Pro SnapChat user. And we are going to share some best and useful SnapChat Tips and Tricks here. You can discover some secret way to use SnapChat and surprised after knowing these tips and tricks.

Best SnapChat Tips and Tricks

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Top 10 Useful SnapChat Tips and Tricks for Android Users

Now, you are here for amazing and cool SnapChat tips for you act like King of Snapchat. Try these, you’ll find them very easy and Woking ASAP.

Unlock Cool Features In Setting Area

There are some cool features available in SnapChat and you can unlock those features from setting area. The first Snapchat tips to look at. At first, you need to update your SnapChat app to the latest version from Google Play store. Once the app is updated, open the app and go to the setting from the menu. Click on the “Manage Preferences” under Additional Services.

Here you can active “Filters” for nearby SnapChat users, coloring options, weather and much more. You can also active “Travel Mode” that will help to reduce mobile data. The travel mode works best to save your mobile data by loading Snaps or Stories only when you open and tap to load it.

Delete Your Snaps from Stories

Sometimes you may need to delete some snaps from stories and you can do that easily. To delete any stories, open the SnapChat app and swipe to the right and then select “My Story” to view your shared stories. To delete your desired Snaps, select the stories and upward the Snap. Then click on the delete icon to remove this. You can also save snaps from here by touching the download icon.

Save Photos and Videos Send by Your Friends

This is one of the hottest tricks that most of the SnapChat user don’t know. And most of the user search on the web for this trick. Official SnapChat doesn’t allow to save photos or videos send by other SnapChat users. If you take a screenshot while viewing other photos, SnapChat will notify the user. So, to save Photos or videos, you need to download a 3rd party app along with the SnapChat app. These apps are well-known as SnapChat Saver Apps and to find some best SnapChat saver apps, If you use any of these App to save Photos or Videos, SnapChat can’t notify the sender and you can keep it secret.

Utilizing the Volume Button

The official SnapChat app comes with several features and you can use your device Volume Button to utilize some features. Using the Volume Up button, you can take a Snaps or photos while sending someone a photo or post a Snaps. You can also record video using the Volume button by pressing it for a while. So, you don’t need to touch the device screen to take photos or videos.

Using Special Text

You can add caption while sending someone a photo or sharing your stories. But you probably don’t know that you can use Special Text for adding a caption. After taking the photo, Swipe to right and click on the “T” Icon to add special text with custom size, color, and effects. You can also add current weather, time or color filter to photos from here.

Draw Anything Instead of Adding Caption

Making fun with drawing anything on Photo is another cool feature of SnapChat. You can draw anything on the Photo instead of typing caption with various colors. You can create a custom color and set drawing line thickness. Also, you can add various emojis and icons while drawing anything to make it funny as well as creative.

Use Bitmoji

The Bitmoji is one of the most popular emoji apps that comes with thousands of free emojis, cartoons, and icons. And you can use in SnapChat to send emojis or cartoons to your friends or timeline. But you must remember that your friend also needs to activate the Bitmoji on his/her account to view cartoons or emojis send by Bitmoji. To enable Bitmoji, open your SnapChat app and click on the Setting Icon and top to the Bitmoji. Now click on the Create Bitmoji and you will ask to download Bitmoji app if you already not downloaded the app.

Set Your Privacy

Like other social messaging app, you can also set privacy in SnapChat and select who can send you a message as well as can see your story. To do this, open the SnapChat and swipe to right, then click on the Gear button. Here you will see three different options such as Everyone, My Friends, and Custom.

Edit Your and Friends Name

You can change your SnapChat display name anytime. It’s not hard like Facebook. To change your display name, open the SnapChat app, click on the SnapChat icon and tap on your name. A pop-up menu will appear with your display name and you can edit it from here.

You can also change your friend’s name because some friends name is hard to remember. However, to do this, click on the SnapChat icon, then go to My Friends. Here you will see your friends. Tap on any friend’s name, a pop-up menu will appear with name and snaps, tap on the name again to edit it.

Use Zoom in and out Feature

This is also a cool feature of SnapChat that you can zoom in or out while viewing any photos or videos. You can also use this feature while taking photos or recording videos.

Final Words

SnapChat is really amazing social media app that you can use to pass your lazy time as well as connect with new friends. And utilizing these SnapChat Tips and Tricks will make your SnapChat journey more comfortable and amazing.

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