Beware of BS 3 Vehicles Price List Hoax/Scam on Social Media

BS 3 Vehicle Price List in India Scam on Social Media.

BS 3 Vehicles Status in India: Before few day’s Govt. of India declare that From 1st of April. BS 3 Engine category is not registered officially all over India. And after this decision, all automobile company and dealers declare huge discounts on many BS 3 Vehicles types. But, in this scenario, many peoples received some scam or fake news on social media like Whats-app Messages or FB msg. We are Give you a one example like that bellow here! These scam msg are says that you are eligible for buying government banned BS-III two wheeler with certain conditions offered by government agencies. Let’s check that out,..

BS 3 Vehicles Discount Offer Scam Messages! Be alert

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Fake Message regarding BS 3 Vehicles:

Recently received message state that Govt. giving activa at this rate Rs 39k Scam.


Activa 4G/Júpiter: 38000/- Rs.

Processing Fee: 1000/- Rs.

Total – 39000/- On Road Price.


1) 4 Photos(Passport Size)

2) Election Card

3) Aadhar Card

4) Pen Card

5) light Bill/ Tex Bill (If Election card is not available)

6) Bank Pass Book Copy (Front page with 6 month statement)

7) 4 Bank check

8) Applicant Mobile Number

9) 2 members Reference


Mobile number:


Thank you….

Note: You have to put Swachchh Bharat Abhiyan logo on your BS-III two wheeler for 3 years. Also, you can not sale your bike to abybody for 3 years. That’s it!

What are the Bharat Stage III Engine? and What is the reason of discontinue?

Bharat Stage III Engines Emission of carbon in Atmosphere is large as Compared To The BS4 Engines (i.e. Bharat Stage 4). So Due To This BS3 Engines Causes More Pollution In The Atmosphere. Keeping this In Mind All Cars &Bikes Using BS3 Engine Can Not Be Sold In India From 1st April.

Difference Between BS3 & BS4:


  • carbon-monoxide 2.30 g/km.
  • HC 0.20 g/km.
  • NOX 0.15 g/km.


  • carbon-monoxide 1.00 g/km.
  • HC 0.10 g/km.
  • NOX 0.08g/km.

Check this out,

So, Friends, this is some intresting information out of the way for BS 3 Vehicles status! Be wise before going for any purchase or book your new two wheeler in this days. Also, share this words with your circles to save them also, from fake discount offers msg viral on social media. Stayed tune for more news on BS III updates.

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