Namecheap And DynaDot Got Banned from Indian

Namecheap And DynaDot Got Banned from Indian ISPs block access to major domain registrars like namecheap DynaDot ,Tucows, Sarek and Gransy

Some Indian ISPs(Jio and Airtel) have blocked access to three major domain name registrars.

Why Blocked Namecheap hosting site

Websites are not accessible.

*Take Action Against Domain Name Registrars For Not Complying With IT Rules: Delhi High Court To IT Ministry

The move comes as part of a long-running dispute over cybersquatting.

Indian Cyber courts and cybersquatting victims are frustrated that registrars are not responding to their take-down notices. Some Domain registrars are seemingly asking that plaintiffs get a United States of America court order rather than one from India.

Read High court Order

How To Access Block Website

Hi! Our site is unavailable for some Indian clients. Our website is being blocked by some Indian ISPs. Our team is investigating it. Please try accessing our website with a secure VPN connection or Google Public DNS


We apologize for the inconvenience, thanks for understanding.

Namecheap is Completely ban in India you can Move To Other Hosting Like Cloudways.


  • Attention Indian users! #Namecheap website is currently down, but don’t worry, there’s a temporary solution. Connect through a VPN to access the site.
    Atleast It worked for me.
    #Namecheap please check and help as ASAP

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