3 Easy Methods to Fill Out Forms in PDF

PDF is a convenient and easy format to submit documents electronically. However, if you’re not familiar with how to fill out a PDF form, the procedure might be confusing. We have compiled this article to provide you with an accurate overview of three easy ways to fill out documents online. These methods include using PDFLiner, Adobe Acrobat DC, and Google Docs.

Fill Out a PDF Form Online With Google Docs

Though PDF forms are considered a popular way to collect and store information, they might be difficult to manage without proper knowledge. Fortunately, Google Docs has provided a helpful solution for you to fill out a PDF form online. This online service allows you to convert PDFs into Google Docs, edit text, and add shapes, images, and signatures for free. Here’s how to get started: 

  1. Open your web browser and go to Google Drive. Upload the file you want to fill out from your computer. 
  2. Right-click on the document and select “Open with…” 
  3. Select Google Docs from the list of editors available. The document will open in a new tab in Google Docs. 
  4. Now you can start adding text. Place the cursor in the area where you want to insert content and begin typing. You can also add images, shapes, and signatures to your file.
  5. When you’re done editing, go to File > Download > PDF Document (.pdf). This way, you will download the file in PDF format. 

Filling Out Forms With Adobe Acrobat DC

If you find filling out forms a tedious task, you can also try Adobe Acrobat DC. The service makes this process much simpler and faster due to its intuitive user interface. This free PDF viewer/editor is mostly compatible with PDFs. Here’s how you can use Adobe to fill out PDF forms hassle-free:

  1. Download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.
  2. Open the form you need to complete in the program. If the file is saved on your computer, navigate to it in your file explorer. Right-click on the document, proceed to “Open with,” and select Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. 
  3. Now fill in the form. If it is a fillable template, you will be able to click into the fields and enter text there. If it is an empty form, navigate to the right-side panel, and click “Fill & Sign.” Select “Fill and Sign” and click to enter text boxes. You can also add signatures and initials.
  4. After filling out the form, you can save it as a PDF.
  5. If you need to share the form, you can send it via email or print it out and send it by regular mail.

As you can see, Adobe Acrobat DC is an easy way to fill out PDF forms. However, first, you need to download the software on your device to get the most out of its intuitive user interface and helpful features. For getting your paperwork done faster, you might want to consider other methods.

Fill Out Forms Online With PDFLiner is the perfect tool if you are looking for an easy and convenient way to fill out your forms electronically. With this helpful service, you can fill out forms online in a few simple steps. Our comprehensive guide can help you work on a PDF, fill out forms, and edit them:

1. Upload your file. If you have it on your PC, click on the “Download Document” tab located on the main page. You can also enter the URL of your file and press the “Fill Now” button. Optionally, select the “Document Search” tab, enter the form’s name, and choose the corresponding template in the rich PDFLiner database. 

2. After the file is uploaded, you will be redirected to a panel with the entire set of tools available on the platform. To add text to your PDF, you can either start typing in an existing field or click the “Add Text” tool in the top toolbar and place the cursor where you want to type. You can also add pictures, dates, and electronic signatures.

3. When you finish editing the file, click the “Done” button in the upper right corner. Now you can save the file on your device or share it with other people.

Other PDFLiner Features

Except for simply making notes in the created document, you can also use a wide range of features offered by PDFLiner to work on your file more precisely, including the ability to fill out a PDF and sign it with an electronic signature. With its extensive functionality, PDFLiner was designed to make document management easier:

  • The platform offers a secure file-sharing option, with which you can safely share PDFs with your colleagues and partners. This feature keeps your documents protected and prevents unauthorized access to them.
  • You can easily collaborate with your teammates by allowing other users to add comments and annotations to a document. 
  • Its powerful search feature allows you to easily search through multiple documents and quickly find the information you need. This function is especially useful for working with business documents.
  • On PDFLiner, you can convert documents to other formats, such as Word, JPG, and Excel. This makes it easier to transfer documents between different programs, edit them, and ensure their compatibility with other programs.
  • PDFLiner offers a variety of ready templates and forms you can use to create documents. It is effortless to generate professional-looking PDFs within the platform.

3 Actionable Solutions: Choose Yours

Using these three easy ways to fill out a PDF form, you can save time, increase paper accuracy, and complete your forms in a mere moment. Whether you choose PDFLiner or another method, our actionable tips can help you quickly fill out PDF forms and avoid making mistakes in them.

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