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6 Reasons Why Decluttering is Such a Daunting Task

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Are you considering decluttering your home? You know, at the beginning of any task, you may feel as if you stood in front of a huge mountain. That mountain is so steep and high that it appears impossible to climb. But why exactly do we feel that way? Are there ways to overcome it? There surely are and one of them is to let a professional service take care of it for you.

1.   It Can Feel Overwhelming

The more clutter you’ve accumulated, the harder will be to get rid of. You could enter a room and suddenly feel a heavy weight on your shoulders. With just one glance at your clutter, you can instantly feel the negative energy coming from the room. Moreover, the bigger the clutter the longer it will take to clean it up. You might feel as if you’re never going to be able to let go of it.

You know, junk removal isn’t going to take care of it itself. Well, it can, if you ask a junk removal team for help. But you’d still have to make that call. If you want any changes in your life, you have to face obstacles and start working at removing them. Changes don’t happen overnight, though.

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2.   Decluttering is Stressful

Once you start decluttering, you can certainly notice how stressful it can be. It will be even more stressful if it’s a lot to go through. Fortunately, you don’t have to declutter everything at once – unless that’s what you’re planning. You have to go through each pile, decide what to keep and what to let go of, then you have to try selling or donating stuff. Ultimately, you have to call for a junk removal service to turn up asap to dispose of it.

You can make decluttering a little less stressful for yourself. Do it bit by bit. It’s sufficient to just declutter for 20 minutes a day. It’s also advantageous to start with an area that will be easier for you. The sooner you can see some success in your effort, then you are more motivated to keep going. To some people, it’s useful as a goal to work towards. To others setting dates can cause pressure and stress.

3.   It’s Time-Consuming

Decluttering is indeed time-consuming, however, it depends on how much you’ve got to declutter. The more regularly you declutter, the less time you’ll need each time. To start decluttering, you’ll have to set some time aside and tackle it. Again, you can pick a time frame to declutter a bit each day. In that manner, it won’t clash too much with your daily routine and work schedule.

You could also motivate your family to help with junk removal. Give each child an empty box or bin bag and whoever has it filled first, gets to choose what’s for dinner. Alternatively, you ask a junk removal to come around. You’ll only have to point at what you want them to remove and you’re done. They’ll even help you to clean up afterward which will save you time.

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4.   The Clutter Has Become a Part of You

Some items have no value to you anymore but remind you of something particular that gives. Once you try to do away with objects connected to good memories, it may feel as if you lost a part of yourself. Memories are good to keep, but they only exist in our minds. The object you keep for the sake of feeling good is nothing but an object. You could take a picture of it, for example.

Or you could just decide that someone else might be happier to have it. For example, a friend may have given you a teddy bear when you went through a rough patch. You’ve long overcome it, but that teddy still reminds you of that kind gesture and it still makes you smile. But what if a next-door child could have it? Or a poor child in your hometown whose parents have nothing? You know, junk removal services partner with charities? You can rest assured your clutter will end up in good hands.

5.   A Guilt Trip

We often keep stuff we received as a present or inheritance. But we don’t actually like it. To not insult the person who gave it to you, we may even put it on display. Every day you have to look at it and it’s a thorn in your eye. If we keep all the stuff we don’t like, people will only give us more stuff we don’t like. You can be honest and say you don’t like it.

No one is going to chop off your head for letting a junk removal pick it up. You might also feel guilty about letting go of the clutter that you spent a lot of money on. Unfortunately, it’s turned out that it’s of no actual use for you and you feel guilty for having it. You can only overcome those feelings of guilt if you do away with them. You can try to sell it to feel a little less guilty.

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6.   Make it Easier for Yourself

As previously mentioned you can fight your clutter by doing a bit every day. Take three boxes so you’ve got one for things to keep, one to throw out, and one for donations or sale items. To avoid getting too distracted by feelings of guilt or your memories, you could listen to some amazing music as you do it. Your brain can only focus on one thing at a time: either listening to music or actively thinking about guilt, shame, memories, sadness, and so on.

Parting Words

Alternatively, you can also give junk removal services the key to your home. Tell them what you want them to remove and when you come home later all of your clutter is gone. It works like magic. Your brain can only focus on one thing at a time: either listening to music or actively thinking about guilt, shame, memories, sadness, and so on.

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