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Examples of unconventional kitchen counter tops design, materials cost

We are all aware of term Counter Tops. But when the point comes to the selection of working tops materials and finishes, there are many times of fashionable and beautiful countertops are available in the market. In this article of examples of unconventional kitchen counter platform designs, we are look out of the box as well as commonly used countertop designs. We are seeing the materials and finishes of Counter Tops, as well. So, let’s begin our kitchen counter guide with examples. But before go over this in detail, I suggest that read about Practical Advice to Make Kitchen Stylish and Functional.

Examples of Kitchen Counter Tops Design and Materials Ideas.


Here we start with,

What is a Counter Tops or Definition of Countertops.

As Wiki Says, A countertop (also counter top, counter, benchtop, (British English) worktop, or (Australian English) kitchen bench) is a horizontal work surface in kitchens or other food preparation areas, bathrooms or lavatories, and workrooms in general.

So, you see – not only kitchen working area is counter top. There are many different terms and use of areas also. But now the question come in mind that how those counter made?

What are countertops make out of?

Right here’s an in-depth study the six most popular countertop materials:

  • Natural Stone.
  • Strong Surfaces.
  • Plastic Laminate.
  • Ceramic Tile.
  • Timber and Urban.

The maximum not unusual natural stones used to make countertops consist of granite, soapstone, and slate. We are looking at every material in detail with examples and pictures ahead in this article.

Kitchen Counter Desk Tops made with Pennies.


Pennies are an inexpensive and very particular countertop material. As soon as it’s cover in epoxy resin and seal well. The countertop turns into extraordinarily long lasting and might face up to the demands of everyday lifestyles. Along with pooled water, meals prep, and maximum cleaning agents.

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Soapstone Countertops.

Soapstone is understand usually for its softness, making it first rate for carving and different creative applications. However soapstone is available in various stages of hardness, and the toughest type is long lasting sufficient to be use as countertop material.


Soapstone is a natural stone that’s nonporous which makes every piece precise and stain resistant.

What is soapstone make out of?

Soapstone (additionally referred to as steatite or soaprock) is a talc-schist, that is a kind of metamorphic rock. It is basically composition of the mineral talc and is for this reason rich in magnesium.

How much is a soapstone countertop?

Costs for soapstone range between $65 and $110 in line with square foot set up. Elements that affect fee consist of where you stay. Your countertop configuration, the thickness you are after, and any special fabrication. Ref.

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Recycled Glass Countertops for Kitchen.

Recycled glass counter table tops are simply what they sound like; countertops crafted from recycled glass. Antique glass substances, like bottles, home windows, and beakers are crush into tiny portions. Those pieces are either embed into concrete or are hold together with the assist of a binding agent.


How to make recycled glass countertops?

We are not stepping into this making process of recycled glass. But in case you are curious about that procedure than have a look of bellow given video.

Recycled glass countertops value?

“Trinity Glass has the smallest length,” “Vetrazzo has the largest.” Countertop contractors indicated granite countertops begin around $40 in line with rectangular foot. And move up from there, and engineered quartz counters begin around $40 to $50 But can price as an awful lot as $100.

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Live Edge Wood Kitchen Counter Top.

Live Edge Timber countertops give more than one product, and an aggregate of its sealer. And excessive-gloss coating can create an end durable sufficient to be use as a kitchen platform top.


Barely extra rustic than butcher’s block counters, Live Side Timber is simply as long lasting and even extra precise. With their edges left untreated and the pattern of the Timber grains nevertheless visible.

Live Part Wooden counter kitchen tops convey in an herbal warmth that other substances can’t.

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Recycled Paper Kitchen Countertops.

Paper Stone counter pinnacle crafted from stacks of recycled paper, resin, and natural pigment, the paper stone is a non-porous countertop fabric. Because it’s recycling material.


It’s a sustainable material to use and the houses it has makes it excellent for bustling kitchens. It’s stain resistant, heat resistant and doesn’t take in water – making it an excellent material to apply inside the kitchen.

The number one producers, paperstone, Richlite, shetkastone and Kliptech. All provide numerous shades, even though the material generally is most effective in medium to dark colorations. All in a smart-looking matte finish.

Recycled Paper Kitchen Countertops Price.

Cost: $40 to $80 consistent with square foot installed.

This merchandise will develop a seasoned patina over the years, in particular in areas of excessive use.


Recycled Paper Countertops Reviews.

Environmentally Friendly.
  • Most people of the paper content material is post consumer recycle or comes from FSLIC-certify, sustainable harvest forests.
Smooth to install.
  • Paper composite is lighter than stone and can be reducing and formed without problems.
Able to be join with tight, smooth seams.
  • While now not invisible, the seams are lots cleaner than what may be do with stone countertops.
Dense and durable.
  • Paper composite counters are tougher than wood yet more forgiving than stone.
  • The cloth is impervious to water, won’t harbor microorganism, and is stain resistant.

Appropriate for indoor and outside applications. Paper composite counters can arise to climate.

From our archives,

Granite Countertops for The Kitchen.

A cheaper stone countertop or polished granite countertop with wealthy shade variations makes a dramatic declaration inside the kitchen. The incorporated sink makes cleanup a snap.

Granite countertops are the kitchen work surfaces that everyone other measure themselves in opposition to. And for excellent motive, while you don’t forget how it immediately transforms an earthly kitchen to amazing. Its class is blazingly apparent in our picture gallery.


Right here are a number of the granite countertop ideas colors which you’re going to look.
  • Giallo Fiesta.
  • Amber Yellow.
  • Baltic Brown.
  • Blue Pearl.
  • Canadian Gold.
  • Ferro Gold.
  • Golden Silver.
  • Juparana Beach.
  • New Colonial Dream.
  • Typhoon Green.
  • And plenty of greater…

If you’ve given a busy way of life and could do better with a no-protection countertop. You’ve given lots of proper alternatives there too.

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Marble Countertops for The Kitchen.

I like the marble counter surface tops in my kitchen. I find it stylish, cool, and vivid. It’s lovely to paintings on and smooth to clean. However, there are numerous sorts of marble stone to be have. We have to be careful in the choice of marble stone for counter top of the kitchen.

Let’s clean some common doubt about Marble material and their usability.


Is Marble Countertops Cheaper Than Granite?

If we’re appearance marble vs granite countertops. Granite countertop costs are barely lower than marble countertop prices.

Granite starts at approximately $75 consistent with square foot installed. Marble starts of evolved at towards $100 consistent with square foot installed.

The first-rate granite countertops can cost $175 according to square foot installed while marble can pinnacle $200.

What Is Carrara Marble Or Honed Carrara Marble Made Of?

Carrara marble (once in a while mistakenly “Carrera marble”) is a form of white or blue-gray marble of high first-class, famous to be use in sculpture and building decor.

It’s miles quarried at the metropolis of Carrara inside the province of Massa and Carrara in the Lunigiana, the northernmost tip of modern-day Tuscany, Italy.

We are able to remedy on the floor as in keeping with our requirement as like honed vs polished marble.

How do you clean a marble vanity top or marble countertops care?

  • Don’t use something with acid or lemon juice.
  • Shake lightly to combine the cleaning soap and water.
  • Spray the counter with the dish cleaning soap solution.
  • Spray the countertop gently with the warm dish cleaning soap solution.
  • Wipe with a warm, wet dish fabric.
  • Clean the soapy water off the counter with a wet dish fabric.

Wipe the countertop with a smooth fabric and heat water every day. Slight family cleansers are suitable, But you can additionally find cleansing products precise to marble. Positive oils and acids can stain. Marble ought to be reseal periodically.

In preferred, embrace the patina and minor imperfections marble countertops advantage through the years.

After all, marble is an expensive surface that lends warmth and sophistication. Its charge tag, comparative softness, and susceptibility to stains imply. It’s no longer always use at some point of the kitchen.

How to Choose Marble countertops.

Thickness, Overhangs, and Edges.
  • Countertop thickness tiers from a three-sector inch to an inch and a quarter (favored). The preferred overhang is one inch to an inch and a half of. Aspect alternatives variety, although straight stays the maximum popular.
Marble Kinds.
  • Carrera is a white or blue-grey marble with gentle veining. It lends old-international allure. Calacatta/Calcutta is white with more special taupe veining.
  • Marble counters can come as slabs or tiles.
  • Marble slabs offer a strong and seamless look. If your counter is curve or arch shape, a seam can be require.
  • In case you love the appearance of marble However locates its fee prohibitive, don’t forget extra low-cost marble tiles. An introduced

Marble is a high-price floor that lasts a lifetime. At the same time as expensive and now not the maximum long-lasting preference, the easy and funky floor is an incredible desire for a banking center or pullout slab.

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Quartz Counters Tops Colors And Design Options.

Made from one of the toughest minerals in the world, quartz countertops are arguably the maximum long lasting option for kitchens.

They arrive in a huge type of colors, along with fire-engine crimson and apple green, as well as earthy browns, blacks, and creams, with glints and veining for the appearance of granite or marble.

How Do You Make Quartz Countertops?

Quartz countertops are man-make engineer stone countertops form by means of combining 90% floor quartz (a natural difficult mineral) with 8-10% resins, polymers, and pigments. This forms a very hard granite-like floor.


Quartz Countertops Costs.

Quartz usually runs from about $65-$100 in keeping with square foot installed. So your common quartz countertop of say, 40 square feet will run from $2,600-$4,000. Granite is available in a far wider type of pricing.

What’s Engineered Quartz?

Artificial quartz is an human developing product, create mainly from natural substances. It is manufacture from 90 to 94 percent floor quartz and 6 to 10 percent resins and pigments. Which might be blend into long lasting and nonporous slabs.

Quartz Countertops Cleansing.

Counter drawing board tops of Quartz surface have to be dry with an easy white paper towel or white cloth. Quartz countertops are non-porous, so spills and stains aren’t absorb into the surface, making it stain-resistant.

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Soapstone counter tops of Kitchen.

Soapstone is an natural stone composition largely of mineral talc. Which lends the fabric the smooth experience of soap.

Slab coloration are commonly medium gray and might have a greenish look. Over time, the soapstone will darken to a deep charcoal.

Slabs may additionally incorporate state veining, that’s produce by using quartz in the stone.


The Splendor of Soapstone.

If you’re searching out a natural stone with a splendid amount of heat, this is it. That’s one of the reasons that soapstone counter are a favorite in us of kitchens.

They may be cover in styles from conventional to trendy to eclectic. They offer superb design versatility.

The colors you’ll locate in soapstone variety from nearly pure white with slight marbling to charcoal gray with nearly stable color.

In between, you’ll enjoy a pleasing array of whites, off-whites, pearls and grays with rich marbling.

Soapstone Statistics.

  • Soap stone does now not stain.
  • Soapstone counters are not harm via hot pots, citrus, wine, acids or chemical compounds.
  • The handiest maintenance recommended, no longer require, is the mineral oil treatment to enhance the herbal darkening technique the stone goes via and to make certain the soapstone darkens calmly.
  • Mineral oil isn’t recommend to defend the soapstone, it does now not want safety on the grounds that it’s far certainly not- porous.
  • Cleaning your soapstone tops can be accomplish with any of the common family cleaners. No need to shop for unique sealants or different “tough to discover” regularly harsh chemicals.
  • The value of soapstone is akin to other natural stones.
  • Soapstone may be present in a ramification of different textures, unlike maximum other natural stones. Which are best to be have with a high polish finish.
  • A few clients like the stone to experience rougher to touch, others find it irresistible a bit smoother and A few find it irresistible in between.
  • We are able to please all tastes through re-completing the top of the slabs, at no additional value.

Soapstone Counter Cost.

Value is around $80 to $100 according to the square foot, installed.

Make sure your soapstone is an architectural grade, which is denser than the creative grade regularly used for sculpture.

How Do You Clean Soapstone Work bench Easily?

Cleaning Soapstone. You can smooth your soapstone after the mineral oil remedy using any family cleaner which includes Ajax or Comet.

Generally simply wiping the soapstone with soap and water works simply excellent. A soapstone sink will stand up to any mild cleanser.

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Stainless Steel Counter tops Design Ideas.

Those worktops are custom-make to flawlessly match your kitchen decor. You’ll emerge as with a tailor-make and stylish counter top that appears really best as soon as it has been lay down.

The metallic is bendy sufficient to make it a pleasure to paintings with. You can provide you with exciting designs and can choose to include a backsplash with it.

Many people also have a counter this is made whole with a sink attached. This makes cleanup a breeze considering that there doesn’t must be any edges among the sink and the counter.


Finish varieties of SS Countertop.

Those are to be had in Satin (clean), vintage matte, or strong point.

Origin of SS work top.

  • Stainless-steel is made of a steel alloy with a chromium content around 10 percentage.

Environmental Impact of Stainless steel.

  • Very good. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable, and most Stainless-steel products are crafted from an expected 60%.

Recycled Stainless steel.

  • 25% old scrap (from the business system), 25% new scrap (from cloth lower back after manufacturing and production), and forty% uncooked substances (ferrochromium and ferronickel).

Stainless-steel Kitchen Work tops Pros.

  • Industrial electricity, long lasting, brilliant, nonporous and smooth to smooth and disinfect, may be reduced to any length and installed seamless, impervious to warmness, rust, corrosion, and stains.

Stainless steel kitchen Counter tops Cons.

  • Dents and scratches effortlessly; fingerprint smudges display up without problems.

How to Clean Chrome steel Counter tops.

  • Wipe down with a dry microfiber material, otherwise a humid material with a dish cleaning soap. A moderate abrasive may be used for an extra thorough smooth. Buff dry with a cloth to deliver the metallic returned to a shine.

Installation of Stainless-Steel Counter board.

Professional Setup encouraged. All Stainless-steel Counter tops will have a wood substrate (or wooden backer). Which helps fasten the counter top to your cupboard sections, and additionally provides a legitimate buffer. (Chrome steel may be quite loud when struck.)

Charge Range of Chrome Steel Counter Stand.

A fee of Stainless-steel Counter tops is about $85-$150/sq. Ft.

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Concrete Counter Tops Design Example.

counter tops,

Concrete breakfast bar are just one of the many kitchen counter top alternatives to pick from. You should purchase precast counters from fabricators.

Which are cured and completed in a workshop and which can be brought instantly into your kitchen for setting up.

Kitchen Wood Counter Tops Ideas.

Wood Worktops are visually rich and warm to the touch. Those natural beauties are making a return. Here’s a way to decide if they will Paintings in your private home.


Most people of timber counter tops are crafted from traditional butcher block, and at the same time as they will see a few moderate meals preparation, they’re rarely used for chopping in recent times.

What Do Wood Counter Top Value?

From $12 to more than $200 consistent with square foot, uninstalled, depending on species, thickness, construction, and end; upload 5 to 10 percent greater for most manufacturing unit finishes.

Butcher Block Counter top of Kitchen Transforming.

I have a gentle spot for butcher block counter tops. I love their beauty, warmth, how well they go along with a selection of kitchen patterns, and of direction, their affordability.


Butcher Block Facts.

  • Strong Wooden Butcher Block.
  • Made with Baltic Birch.
  • Absolutely Customizable.
  • Harvested from a sustainable
  • May be stained or lacquered.
  • Warm smooth experience.

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Formica Counter Tops Samples For The Kitchen.

Like different laminates, Formica table tops are crafted from layers of plastic which might be bonded to particleboard or kraft paper to create a stable counter top floor.

These counter tops are to be had in a huge style of shades and patterns, starting from ones that mimic wooden, stainless steel and stone.

The stop result is a clean and completed surface that does not position too much of a strain on your price range.


What Is A Formica Counter top?

Like other laminates, Formica counter tops are made from layers of plastic which might be bonded to particleboard or craft paper to create a stable counter top floor.

These counter tops are to be had in a huge kind of shades and styles, starting from ones that mimic wood, stainless steel, and stone.

How A Lot Do New Formica Counter Tops Cost?

On common, the rate is about $21.75 in line with square foot. On the excessive end, the charge is set $27.16 according to the square foot.

Those prices are low in contrast with different merchandise, and that is a great benefit with laminate counter tops. But, there are several other concerns to keep in thoughts for this product.

Laminate Counter tops Ideas.


Prefab Counter tops Materials.

Basically, post-forming is the procedure of creating flat sheets of laminate fold easily over the rounded edge of a sub-strata. It’s just one in a series of strategies used to produce a bench top or door.


Best from our archives,

So, Wingers – If your kitchen counters look more drab than fab, consider redesigning with a sustainable surface. At your fingertips is a myriad of green counter tops with the look and feel of traditional materials plus environmental credits.

That will ease your conscience and take a load off Mother Nature. We put them to the test to see how they coped with everyday culinary maladies stains, spills, an errant cleaver chop (or two), and heavy objects falling from great heights. Read on for the results.

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