Modern Kids Furniture and Storage introduce by Ikea Furniture

IKEA is come up with a new family for Modern Kids Furniture and Storage. These kids furniture is more suitable with their growth as well as learning habits.

Ikea have released images of their new FLISAT series of children’s furniture and storage. That furniture series is arriving in stores in April, 2016.

Flisat Series of Kids Furniture and storage from Ikea.

latest kids furniture sets from ikea

kids storage furniture by ikea

The collection of small furniture has been design to grow as the child grows. For example, as the child grows and no longer plays with the doll house.

Kids Furniture Sets.

That can be hang on a wall and use as a shelf. Or this desk, that can be tilted and adjusted to three different heights. The furniture collection has been made entirely out of pine.

kids playroom furniture from ikea design

Some of the furniture pieces have a pop of colors, like this little box with wheels.

kids playroom furniture

Know more about Children’s Room Interiors.

Kids have a fun and learn, while having a play with this ikea’s new furniture design for kid’s bedroom.

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