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Creative Flexible Wood DUKTA for Interior Fittings and Furniture Design.

Did you heard about Flexible wood? Let’s get the ideas about one fine and unique interior design product call a DUKTA Flexible wood. This flexible wood get the tag of best of year 2015 and material Paris 2016.

Dukta is a unique type of flexible wooden material make out of wood and engineered to flexible. Because of incsions, this material gains textile like properties and significantly wider range of applications.

Dukta Flexible Wood.

Flexible Wood dukta

This flexi wood product is open completely new direction for the interior fittings and furniture design, with their visual and technical qualities.

Dukta flexi wood have a excellent sound absorbing quality. The international patented method works with commercial engineered wood such as plywood, MDF and three layer boards.

Flexible Wood Dukta Products.

dukta wood panels are suitable for both wall and ceiling applications, as well as free-standing partitions, lighting and furniture. The regular incisions change the static structure of the panels in a fundamental way.

These incisions make parts opposite the incision flexible but the material retains its static stability along the direction of the cuts. The various cut types differ considerably in terms of appearance – from simple and smooth to ornamental and playful.

flexible wood,

This flexible wood provides the user with a large range of design options.

  • Semi Finished.

The various incision types: SONAR, LINAR, FOLI and JANUS, differ in terms of the appearance of the cut, the proportion of open surfaces and their flexibility.

  • Acoustic Systems.

Our flexible semi-finished products enable individual design and help you achieve the room acoustic to fit your needs.

  • Partition walls.

The individual elements can be shaped and added to without limitations. This enables optimal space planning in keeping with the room.

  • Furniture and Lights.

The partial transparency of the dukta boards lends itself to being used in conjunction with lighting, leaving an atmospheric cascade of shadows.

  • Objects d’Art.

The dukta process makes the material malleable and able to be heavily transformed. Through linear cuts made with the CNC cutting machine or free form incisions made using a laser.

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