Top rated eCommerce Website Themes from Templatemonster

Top Rated eCommerce Website Themes from Template-monster for great with eCommerce website themes site built on popular platforms like magento, opencart, prestashop, zencart and virtuemart.

In the Internet Universe, looks are everything.

Your eCommerce website themes should be beautiful enough to catch the attention of the visitor.
Having a neatly designed eCommerce website themes is a must for online store owners, as shoddy design tends to cast aspersions over your business itself.

We have put together a list of fabulous eCommerce website themes and templates that will go great with your eCommerce website themes site built on popular platforms like magento, opencart, prestashop, zencart andvirtuemart.
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Top rated eCommerce Website Themes from Templatemonster

Here are the best eCommerce website themes for you.

Electro Appliances Magento eComerce Themes

The template is rather content rich, still it has lots of white space where customers’ eyes can have a respite.

Green elements, present in the layout are easy for overall perception.

Navigation is comprehensive and thought out.

It is placed in the left sidebar and footer, where buyers can easily find the necessary link.

A search bar is on top of the page, right where users expect to see it.

Best store products are advertized in the slider and on banners.

New products in the content area are provided with descriptions, ‘New’ and ‘Sale’ tags, which gives the buyer maximum information.

Don’t doubt, this eCommerce website themes will bring profit to your electronics store.


Electro Appliances Magento Theme

Jewelry Store Magento eCommerce Website Themes

Elegance, laconic forms, clean graphics, stylish black and white layout all these points are in design arsenal of this eCommerce website themes.

Using it for a jewelry website, you can be sure that it will bring more visitors thanks to its professional and expensive look.

Stylish visuals enchant, minimal design pushes each single item in the focus of attention, search options and filters help find products in one click.

Try this sophisticated design to present precious jewelry products at their best.

Jewelry Store Magento Theme

Furniture for Your Garden Magento eCommerce Website Themes

Furniture for Your Garden Magento Theme

Comfortable Furniture Magento eCommerce Themes

Modern, cheerful furniture items look very bright over the white background.

Slider is smaller than usually and shares the space with four promo banners.

Special and New products are marked with the relevant tags of red and violet colors.

Four more banners are placed above the footer area.

Newsletter subscription form is in the right bottom corner of the page together with social options and payment method information.

Comfortable Furniture Magento Theme


Drug Store Responsive Magento eCommerce Themes

Drug Store Responsive Magento Theme

Game Portal Responsive Magento eCommerce Themes

Game Portal Responsive Magento Theme


School Supplies Magento eCommerce Themes

Marketplace of educational school supplies is a huge one, and you need good online presentation to become noticeable in it.

Try this modern theme colored in bright tones to present all products at their best and deliver them all around the world.

Well done categorization, detailed description of each item, useful links in the footer, eCommerce website themes easy navigation this content wise functional design will help you get maximum out of your store sales potential.

To get a good profit in the nearest future, you just need to make a small investment now and get this eCommerce website themes.

School Supplies Magento Theme


Responsive Watches Store Magento eCommerce Themes

This design is suitable even for the most expensive brand watches.

The most status items are promoted in slider gallery.

Noble brown elements make the layout classy and elegant.

Specials section is illustrated with small product images.

Banners are under the content area.

Newsletter subscription form can be found in the footer as well as social media icons and payment method information.

Responsive Watches Store Magento Theme

Photo Bank OpenCart eCommerce Themes

Once you’re looking for photos to decorate your site, most likely you enter a photo bank to find them.

Here is a ready made design for a photo stock website where you can place tons of stuff and welcome interested people in.

This design looks extremely clean and pushes photos in the focus of attention.

Wise categorization in the header is another key point that eases digging the desired items.

Cool icons with long shadow effects highlight promos the site offers.

Use this design to welcome people to the professional user friendly photo bank.

Photo Bank OpenCart Template


Mobile Store Responsive OpenCart eCommerce Website Themes

Mobile Store Responsive OpenCart Template


Furniture Store OpenCart eCommerce Themes

Furniture is an integral part of every home.

It helps you feel comfortable and your guests develop an impression about your apartments.

Professional website with a wide array of choices is the first place people would address to find the desired items to decorate their homes.

Choose the right design, like the one you see here, for your online furniture store and these eCommerce website themes visitors will be turned into your clients.

Its minimal design attracts attention to the featured items in a large top slider and in the main content blocks, helps choose the right ones via a good categorization and leavepositive experience of working with your company.

Don’t think too long, embody your business ideas into reality with this eCommerce website themes!

Furniture Store OpenCart Template

Responsive Organic Cosmetics Store PrestaShop eCommerce website themes

Green scaly pattern in the background adds volume to the eCommerce themes.

The store looks well structured and ordered due to thin frames making emphasis on essential content.

Slider and banner promote natural solutions for body care.

Specials and Top sellers blocks are in the right sidebar.

Featured products are offered in three column structure.

Footer menu perfectly supplements main one.

Responsive Organic Cosmetics Store PrestaShop Theme


Responsive Linen Store PrestaShop eCommerce Themes

If you want to make an amazing presentation of your luxury linen right on the home page, this eCommerce themes meets your requirements.

Two sliders let you demonstrate as many lingerie sets as you wish.

Background is compound and textured.

Add to cart buttons are icon based.

Blue round sticker draws users’ attention to special discount, advertized on one of the banners.


Responsive Linen Store PrestaShop Theme

Online Orders of Meals PrestaShop eCommerce Themes

Everyone who isn’t good at cooking has to order meals on the Internet.

That’s why the restaurants need websites that would make visitors’ mouths water as soon as they enter them.

Such a ticklish task can be easily fulfilled with the help of this eCommerce website themes.

Looking at its images of savory meals, people will feel their stomachs rumble, which motivate them to make an order as soon as possible.

It will prevent their mild sense of hunger from growing into real starvation.

In their turn, restaurants will be able to accentuate eCommerce website themes affordability of their offerings through a felicitous combination of colors in the palette of those Commerce themes.

Make use of this product to convince people that the advertized dishes are so yummy that they’ll lick their fingers in the end and ask for more.


Online Orders of Meals PrestaShop Theme

Children’s Jewelry PrestaShop eCommerce Themes

Loving parents like to dress their small princes and princesses into fine clothes and jewelry.

Sometimes even small accessories make the image complete.

As a rule, moms and dads are proud of their kids, they like to boast of how clever and pretty they are.

That’s why, we are sure that your eCommerce themes future store will be a success.

Parents will never save on their beloved children, moreover, template’s design disposes for purchasing.

It can be described as stylish instead of being childish.

Its clean minimalism and handwritten fonts engender confidence.

If you share our positive attitude to this eCommerce website themes, choose it for your store.

Childrens Jewelry PrestaShop Theme

Traveling PrestaShop eCommerce Themes

There are so many great ways of spending holiday or vacation, and traveling is one of the most exciting.

To choose whatever destination you’re dreaming about, you visit the site with a wide range of offers.

The more convenient and user friendly it is, the more quickly you’ll find what you need.

The presented theme shows an follower navigation the site should possess to provide its eCommerce website themes viewers with pleasant site experience.

The visitors can search within the well structured menu and categories, check out hot tours and make up their choices.

Using this design, planned for travel agencies, you can easily set up an online presence for the one.

Traveling PrestaShop Theme

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