How to Broadcast – Stream pre-recorded video on Facebook live?

Live Stream on Facebook: We are seeing many times broadcast live video streaming Facebook by news channels on important events worldwide. But, many times we see movie or cartoon channels on Facebook live video streaming. So, at that time question arises that how those old pre-recorded video broadcast via Facebook live (how do you go live on Facebook)? And we are learn go live on Facebook also, go step by step methods to stream pre-recorded video live Facebook or broadcast pre-recorded video. Also, we get details about broadcast live on Facebook from your desktop with live video streaming Facebook software and apps for android. This video streaming software helps us to create and broadcast old video via Facebook live feature. I am hoping that after going through this article of video stream live, you must become an expert on stream pre-recorded video Facebook live. So, just go over steps given bellow and have a fun with your old recorded videos to show your FB friends.

How can I stream a pre-recorded video via Facebook live?

If you want to stream your pre-recorded video content via Facebook live, then you can do it in very simple way and FREE of cost too. Follow below guidelines.

facebook live,
Pre recorded Video streaming on facebook live.

Stream Pre-recorded video with Facebook Live:

  1. DownloadOBS Studio according to your OS platform& install it. OBS is OpenBroadcaster Software, which you need to configure a streaming host on your machine.
  2. Get your video STREAM KEY using your Facebook Page, to do it simply navigate. (Your Facebook Page ->Publishing Tools->VideoLibrary->LIVE+).
  3. Keep note of Streamkey and hit Preview. So you will see following OFFLINE screen, keep that tab open. To enable GOLIVE button to stream our pre-recorded video, Please follow upcoming instructions.
  4. Open OBS software, navigate to Settings->Stream->Select “Facebook Live”->Enter StreamKEY. You noted in above step.
  5. Now it’s time to select pre-recorded video in OBS.

Navigate to Sources->Add->VLC Video Source-> add a playlist to stream by selecting video files. You can do lots of configurations in config panel like looping videos or playlist etc. That’s it, now you are one click away to stream your selected video.

  1. Go to the dashboard of OBS and disable “Mic/Aux” to avoid outside distractions when you go live. Only keep VLC source audio in ON state. Hit START STREAMING.
  2. Now navigate to FB page & your will able to see PREVIEW of the pre-recorded video stream, Simply hit GO LIVE.

Congratulation!!! You are now live with pre-recorded video on Facebook.

Now we know that how we can broadcast of stream old or pre-recorded video on Facebook live, Right. But, with any live video streaming, we have to became live ourselves also. If your live video viewers give their responses on video. You have to react to those comments and reactions. So, Let’s have a quick go through over that subject with FB live article.

You can also use Castr Live Streaming Platform to broadcast pre-recorded live stream to multiple social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, twitch at once.

How to Moderate Comments on Facebook Live Video Stream:

To connect with your FB live audience, it’s important to view and answer comments live. You can view your comments live on your desktop or mobile device.

View Comments on the Desktop:

To view comments on your desktop, open a new tab and go to your Facebook business page. Find the live video running on your page and click on the words “Click for more.”

Note: the words are white and can be hard to see.

An overlay window opens and shows your live video along with a live feed of your comments.

Note: Viewing comments on the desktop works well if you have two or more monitors. If you have one monitor, your audience view may be affected.

View Comments on a Mobile Device:

Your other option is to view facebook live comments on your mobile device. To do this, open your Facebook app and search for your page. Click on the video stream and you’ll have access to the live comments.

Note: You may find yourself looking down to view comments (as shown below). Get a tripod or position your mobile device higher to avoid this.

Test both of these options for monitoring comments and see which one is easier for you to manage during your live video stream. The main thing is to ensure you’re reading and responding to comments live. That’s one of the reasons live streaming works. So well, you are to connect with your audience and grow your business.

Facebook Live Video Streaming feature is really fabulous and revolutionary in their field. Because any type of video content gets to go live via facebook platform around the world. Without any country boundaries. You can use this video streaming feature to develop your business cross countries on FB. As well we are able to stream video content in FB groups and pages, also. So, Let’s get the ideas to how to stream pre-recorded video stream in FB group or page profile via facebook live?

How to go LIVE in Groups/Own Timeline using Pre-recorded videos:

In above process we go live using facebook page, but what if you want to go live using your personal profile & in groups?

See following interesting method to do it.

  1. to stream video in FB group just navigate to this page enable pop-ups in chrome. Hit green button “CreateLiveVideo
  2. You will get a popup like below screenshot, select the appropriate option to GoLive.
  3. I selected to GoLive in a group.
  4. After clicking NEXT you will get same windows like in point 3, now you have to note down StreamKey& have to use it in OBS software as mentioned in point.
  5. Now follow all steps from a 5th point and go live either on your timeline, groups or pages.

I hope you will utilize Facebook Live Streaming for a good purpose and deliver very good content to your audience. Please do let me know in comments if you face any kind of issue.

Know more about FaceBook Tips:

Above listed video streaming software is free. Depending on your encoder, broadcasting with prerecorded content can be simple or challenging. But there is good paid streaming software available. While there are other setups to make this work, we have outlined how easy this can be with Wirecast, vMix or VidBlaster. With a onetime investment in either, you can begin using prerecorded content to spice up your live broadcasts.

Conclusion: Having the ability to screen cast during a live stream is a game changer. Screen casting gives you the ability to showcase products, teach, share media, and more. It’s a key tool that sets Facebook apart from other live-stream platforms.

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