Why customer personas are important in b2b business?

Buyer personas are fast becoming an integral part of B2B marketing strategies. The creation of buyer personas helps businesses develop a clear understanding of the habits of their customers, their concerns, behaviors, and buying habits. In short, buyer personas are a representation of your most preferred customers. In the following sections we will look at:

What is known as B2B buyer personas?

Aspects to be Considered While Creating Buyer Personas

What are the benefits of creating B2B buyer personas?

How to develop different B2B buyer personas?

Top 12 Questions to Determine Buyer Personas

What Is Known As B2B Buyer Personas?

It is important for businesses to avoid marketing to people who are not interested in their products. Thus, it is necessary to focus on those who are the target audience for the business.

Buyer persona refers to the main characteristics of a person, which are analyzed to develop a marketing strategy that will be right for that buyer persona. Knowledge of buyer personas helps your marketing and sales teams with content creation, lead nurturing, product development, and similar other tasks.

Aspects to be Considered While Creating Buyer Personas

Analysis of Demographics | Examination of Their Preferences | Understand Their Goals | Check their Watering Holes

1.Analysis of Demographics

You need to check the age groups into which personas fit into. Analyze their job titles to know whether they are senior decision-makers.

2.Examination of Their Preferences

What are the primary attributes your prospects check when looking for a supplier? Customers falling into different buyer personas may look at different aspects while taking a decision.

3.Understand Their Goals

Your marketing team needs to understand the end goals of your customers. Are they interested in streamlining their processes or want to develop partnerships with their suppliers? Are they looking for a supplier with an easy ordering system, to make the purchase process easier?

4.Check their Watering Holes

Where prospects go to find the required information? Are they expected to check Google, go through a printed trade publication, browse social media, or visit any industry conference? Is a prospect searching for white papers or data sheets?

By analyzing avenues they utilizing while searching for information, you will be able to comprehend the marketing channels that will help you reach those prospects.

What Are The Benefits Of Creating B2B Buyer Personas?

There are several benefits of creating B2B buyer personas, let us look at the details here.

  • Understand Your Prospects: When buyer personas are developed, it becomes easier for your business to identify the wants, needs, and pain points of your prospective customers. This way you can offer the right product and services that will help you win your customer’s trust and confidence.
  • Determine Buyer’s Journey: Understand the buying journey of your customers and properly organize marketing initiatives.
  • Strengthen Client Relationships: Develop specific products that are created according to the requirements of your prospects. Such measures help in strengthening client relationships as well as in building new ones.
  • Create Focused Strategy: Analyze where your prospects spend most of their time when they go online so that a strategy can be developed to reach out to them properly, deliver your message, and share appropriate content.
  • Develop Consistency in Business Communications: Use of B2B buyer personas develops consistency in business communication, whether you are sending out newsletters, publishing something on your blog, or using any type of marketing message.
  • Increase Relevancy of Marketing Initiatives: Marketing efforts can be divided and tailored between different buyer personas and their subsets so that only relevant content and offers are shared with the audience.
  • Categorize Prospects: Internal marketing initiatives can be segmented so that bulk of the time can be allocated to your most valuable prospects.

How To Develop Different B2B Buyer Personas?

Surveys, market research, and interviews are some of the ways to find out more about your ideal prospects. Few of the other things businesses can do include:

  • Utilize insights provided by the sales team to develop buyer personas. For instance, the information provided by the sales team about the kind of leads that customers interact with can be used to create specific buyer personas.
  • Analyze CRM database to understand ways customers are finding your business online and the type of content they are viewing.
  • When taking customer inputs on your website, add fields that help you develop a better understanding of buyer personas. For example, in the case of personas vary on the basis of roles they have in the company, asking prospects about positions they hold will help you with proper segregation.
  • Interview prospects to know what they like most about your products and services.

Top 12 Questions To Determine Buyer Personas

The questions you ask need to be about demographics, business preferences, online presence, and the buying process.

What are the age, income, marital status, and gender of your prospects?
Where your prospects are currently working and what is their level of education?
What is their family structure and hobbies?
Where did prospects hear about your company and what was their first impression?
Who is the main person performing research about businesses to purchase from?
What are the concerns your prospects face while deciding whether to buy from your company?
What are the reasons prospects selected your organization over other companies?
What are things your company can do to improve its products and services?
Which social platforms and search engines your prospects use?
Which blogs, print, or online publications your prospects read?
Which factors influence the decision-making process of prospects when they are planning to make a purchase?
What are the details prospective customers check while selecting a vendor?

A Final Note

If you would like more information about buyer personas or how to develop b2b buyer personas for your business then get in touch with our experts. They will try to understand your business and guide you in developing different types of buyer personas that you need to focus on.

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