How to Clean Registry for better Performance of your System-PC

Hello Folks,…. How to Clean Registry for better Performance of your System-PC is about when we use or work with windows registry is an essential part of the computer that houses huge collection of information, regarding every activity happening in your PC.

The file called Registry, gathers the information related to all software or hardware. Every page you visit in the internet will also, make a record in the registry. There is nothing that will not make an entry in the registry.

Eventually, your registry will be cluttered and it will affect the performance of your system, by slowing it down. To fix this issue, you need to clean registry. However, if you do not have enough technical knowledge about a clean registry, it is not advisable to fiddle around it. A small mistake may affect the overall performance of the system. For example, a small file deleted in the registry will crash the corresponding software.

How to Clean Registry for better Performance of your System-PC

There are two ways of clean registry : One is manually clean registry it in the registry editor and another one is by using the registry cleaner. If you’re well versed with the entire process of clean registry, then you can go for manual cleaning or it is better to go for registry cleaner. Let us see both the methods in detail:

Windows Registry Editor : Manual Clean Registry !

 Before starting the process of clean registry, create a registry backup.

  • To start the process, click ‘Start’ and type ‘Run’ in the search box.
  • Type ‘Regedit’ in the ‘Run’ dialog box and hit ‘enter’.
  • On the menu toolbar, click ‘File’.
  • Scroll down through the list of options and click ‘Export’.
  • Type a backup name and click ‘Save’.

Once the backup is created, get into the registry editor window to make the changes or remove the unwanted files.
Click ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE’ on the left panel. This location gives the detail of the software programs or hardware components connected to the system, where you can make the changes that you want to. Then, highlight the file that you want to remove and hit ‘Delete’ option.

Registry Cleaner: Automate the clean registry process!

Registry cleaner is best for the users, who are not certain about the manual clean registry. Registry cleaners are the software programs that scan the registry for unwanted entries, missing or corrupted files and files of the programs that don’t exist in the system anymore. These files are detected and then, removed from the registry.
There are certain registry programs that take a backup of the registry before cleaning it, so that the current settings can be restored, if anything goes wrong. You can try some of the registry cleaner software below.

| CCleaner | Wise Registry Cleaner | JetClean | Registry Repair |

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