List of famous and popular Organic Architects around the world.

Best Organic Architects Around the World: History of Organic Architecture is not to far. Frank Lloyd Wright was the first to introduce the term Organic Architecture in philosophy in architectural design in early 19s. And He is one of the popular organic architects to practice sustainable and organic architecture concepts in his designs.

We are already look the best examples of organic architecture and fundamental principles of organic architecture. With how to derive the organic architecture concepts characteristics, also. Now, we are get an ideas about the name of the architects. Who are the main influences and practicing organic design principle in their building designs.

Popular Organic Architects

Here are the list of top organic architects around the world, to know more just go through our archives. So, you may get an ideas about their work and life.

organic architects,

List of Organic Architects.

List of Organic Architects Name:

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867–1959).

Lloyd Wright (Frank Lloyd Wright, Jr.) (1890–1978).

Arthur Dyson.

Antoni Gaudi.

Hector Guimard.

Hugo Häring.

Hans Scharoun.

John Lautner.

Bruce Goff (1904–1982).

Eero Saarinen.

Louis Sullivan.

Vittorio Giorgini (1925–2010).

Eric Lloyd Wright (born 1929).

Eugene Pandala.

Nari Gandhi.

Kendrick Bangs Kellogg (born 1934).

Terunobu Fujimori.

Gustav Stickley.

Rudolf Steiner.

Paul Laffoley.


Anton Alberts.

Laurie Baker.

Claude Bragdon.

Douglas Cardinal.

Basil Al Bayati.

Neville Gruzman.

Imre Makovecz.

Javier Senosiain.

Moti Bodek.

Reima Pietilä.

Toyo Ito.

Chen Kuen Lee.

Le Corbusier.

Hassan Fathy.

Michael Reynolds.

Violeta Autumn.

Know more about Organic architecture and their design philosophy.

So, which one is your favorite organic architects in listed above? If i am miss some one, tell me to add their name in this list. Stayed tune for updates related organic architecture news around the world.

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