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Most Durable Kitchen Tile Options

The thought of having to replace a beautiful tile floor after just doing a remodel and bickering for weeks over the tile choice in the first place – don’t even go there! No wonder you want to know about your options for the most durable tile kitchen floor so you can pick the right one from the start.

Fortunately, tile in general tends to be one of the most durable flooring types (after plain concrete), but some options are better than others.

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Purchasing the Right Floor Tile

Before delving into the specifics of the most durable tile kitchen floor choices, it is essential to note that it is critical to get the right kind when buying flooring tile. It should be rated for flooring use, meaning it has been manufactured to withstand heavy traffic and hard use. It should have a textured surface to reduce the risk of slips and falling.

In addition, the tile and grout should be seal once install to resist stains and water damage and the seal should periodically renewed to keep the floor in good condition. Tile flooring is a commitment and it will start to crack, pit, and stain if not kept in shape.

Natural Stone Tile

Having said that, natural stone tile is the best choice. Stone kitchen tile is highly durable and comes in a range of colors and designs. Be warned that some stone may be highly absorbent, and may be sensitive to stain, so sealing it well is especially necessary.

Notice that while it is endured in ancient art for centuries, marble is not always such a great choice for kitchen flooring. It may be prone to chipping and damage, and can be extremely slippery, too. Save it for countertops and backsplashes where it is going to shine really.

Quarry Tile

Another alternative is the quarry tile, made of clay and calcareous stone, and fired to look like natural stone. It is not quite as long-lasting as true natural stone, but it is still a great option and it can look great.

It can cut and mounted in a variety of patterns thanks to the range of options available, including tiles in various shapes and colours — but be aware that such customisation will add to installation costs.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

Ceramic and porcelain are additional to the most robust tile kitchen floor options. Yet this is not the porcelain of your grandma — it is a robust, well-fired version that stands up to heavy foot traffic. Nevertheless, one cautionary note with ceramic and porcelain: They can be susceptible to cracking and chipping.

If you happen to drop something hard on the edge of a tile (like one of your favorite cast iron pans), it will surely crack. And if your floor is uneven or moving, the tiles can be damaged too. So you would need to remove your subfloor before you can install the tile, which can be an costly endeavor.

Glass Tile

Glass tile is another option. With glass, finding a tile product that is approve for flooring applications is especially important, as it needs to dense, durable and textured to avoid slips. This can susceptible to chipping like ceramic and porcelain but it looks amazing and can be use as an accent piece with other flooring items if a floor made entirely of glass tile does not give you the look you want.

However, fashions in glass tile can change quickly, which should be an important consideration for you; if you do not plan on long-term appeal, your floor may soon appear dated.

Other Considerations

Be aware that tile is one of the most enduring flooring items commonly available, and almost every option can be a successful one. If you are looking for the most robust tile kitchen floor, think about the look you want in your kitchen and be mindful when it comes to cost considerations.

Tile can get quite expensive due to the additional installation and maintenance difficulties, and some tile products, such as custom ceramics, are very expensive too. It is not advisable to cut costs on tile flooring, because this may lead to more costly repairs down the road.

Last but not least, the most robust tile kitchen floor can handle only too much. Make sure a professional tile contractor installs it properly, and consider adding a rider to your contract with the installer to guarantee the job.

If there are faults in fabrication and/or installation, report them promptly and fix the problem, even if it seems minor. Your swift intervention will avoid the transformation of a small issue into one large one.

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