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This is Definitely What Not Every Girl Wants!!!

What Girl Wants: This is Definitely Not every girl wants story. About those who actually underestimate today’s woman dating world and ignore them. I just come across with some interesting and thought full points that actually very nice and eye opener. Reading as received, definitely some eye openers ….

Things Not Every Girl Wants

Few points about female in today’s society that we should be aware about not every girl wants :

Not every girl wants,
  1. Not every girl wants to get married by 23. So before you ASSUME she’s of marriageable age, ask her what her views on marriage are. One hint might save you the drama just because she does not want to get married now does not mean she never will. She has other plans for herself now, let her live a little.
  2. Not every girl wants just because a girl wishes to do her PhD after Masters does not mean she doesn’t want to settle down in life. Give her a break, and respect the fact that she has the confidence to take that up, cos yeah, PhD is no joke.

There will come a point when she would happily devote herself to her family, and balance it out with her work life. Her degrees, or lack of them, won’t make any difference. Let her study while she wants to.

  1. Not every girl wants just because she is 27 and unmarried does not mean she’s been rejected by many men. Maybe, to stay single till now is a choice she has made.
  • Not every girl wants having a boyfriend does not make her characterless.
  • Not every girl wants just because she has recently gone through a break up doesn’t mean she is vulnerable and available.
  • Just because most of her friends are boys, does not mean she is characterless.
  • Just because she wore a short skirt to one party does not mean she dresses up that way every day.
  • Just because she is ambitious doesn’t mean she isn’t a family person.
  • Just because she doesn’t discuss her plans doesn’t mean she’s clueless about life. Give her a chance.
  • Just because she is outspoken doesn’t mean she is a rebel.
  • Just because she comes home late from work does not mean she is roaming around and is carefree.
  • After a hectic week, give her some time to relax over the weekend. Don’t make that one weekend party make her look like a she’s a frivolous party-girl without a job.
  • Just because she is out shopping alone does not mean she is depressed or lonely. It’s how she relaxes, respect that.
  • Just because she is on a holiday alone does not mean she doesn’t have company. Maybe it’s a break to get back her lost confidence, or maybe that’s how she is. Admire her spirit instead of giving her advice.
  • Just because she has a tattoo doesn’t mean she is attention seeking. Maybe that’s her way of expression.
  • Just because she doesn’t know how to cook doesn’t mean she won’t make a good wife. Remember every girl had to learn to cook at some point.
  • Just because she likes everything pink and shiny and fluffy doesn’t mean she lives in her own the world. She can handle some situations better than her male counterparts.
  • Not every girl wants just because she is friendly does not mean she is flirting with someone.

Yes, we cry, we are emotional; we take things personally, and sometimes over-react to situations. But this does not give any one the right to judge someone in the wrong way.

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Times are changing; don’t confine her within those boundaries, no matter how orthodox you are. There are some who might be fighting this losing battle, yet compromising on their decisions and plans, just to please society. Respect n do ………. 🙂

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