Steal Our Copywriting Questionnaire & Get More Clients

Sometimes it can be hard to get the right tone of voice in copywriting, especially when you don’t have enough information from the client to write some truly informed copy.

That’s where a questionnaire comes in.

Steal Our Copywriting Questionnaire & Get More Clients –

Steal Our Copywriting Questionnaire & Get More Clients

Use this questionnaire (there’s a PDF download at the bottom of the page if you prefer that) to understand exactly what your client wants and start writing amazing, highly converting copy.

Since we’ve started using this copywriting questionnaire our chances of closing a copywriting lead have improved by almost 250%.

That’s right, we’re closing 2.5x as many leads as before just by using this questionnaire!

Clients love it when you take time to truly understand their business. Set yourself apart from the competiton and make sure you’re asking the right questions.

Copywriting Questionnaire

Client Name: [Name Here]

Client Industry: [Industry Here]

Date: [Date Here]

Elevator Pitch:

In 30 words or less, write an elevator speech. This should include your company name, who you are, exactly what you do and why people should choose you:

Copywriting Questions:

About Your Ideal Clients:

  1. Describe your target customer in as much detail as possible by answering the following:

What is your customer demographic (age, gender, location)?

What is your customers employment level (e.g. business owner, Marketing Director, C-Level executive etc)?

What are your customer psychographics (interests, culture, hobbies, buying history, professional association memberships etc)?

What is the technographic level of your target customers (what technology do they use, do they have a smartphone, are they “tech savvy” etc)?

  1. Imagine your ideal client has 20 seconds to read a bullet pointed list about what you offer. List 5 features about your service offering that “jump out at you” and would entice the client.
  1. Tell me a story about a past customer and how you solved their needs with your services. Include information such as: How did you find/approach the client? What particular pain points did the client have? How did you solve these?
  1. Describe your current process of making a sale to your ideal client, right from prospecting through to completion of a deal. Be as specific as possible:

About Your Business:

  1. Describe your brand in 5 bullet points.
  1. Why should your target customers choose to use your services over those of another business in the same industry? Mention any specific points such as length of support period, work reputation etc and be as detailed as possible.
  1. Why should your target customers choose your businesses specifically instead of your local competition offering the same service?
  1. In what ways are you similar to the local competition? Is it possible for customers to confuse you with them?
  1. What is your one single, most marketable, most unique competitive edge (in other words your USP)? What is unique about it and what makes it so valuable to your customers?
  1. What specific accomplishments, achievements, accreditations, certifications or association affiliations does your company possess?
  1. Describe your biggest success story in business so far.
  1. What writing voice/tone best reflects your brand and customers? (Formal, casual, conversational, technical etc).

About Your Service:

  1. Describe your product or service in as much detail as possible.
  1. Which of your services is your “Best of the best”? That is to say, which has consistently the highest quality and which is the most profitable?
  1. List the 5 most common questions you get asked about your service, along with their answers.
  1. What are the 3 most common misconceptions about your service offering? For example, these could be price, time to completion etc:

Goals & Results:

  1. What is the primary goal of this copy? Please be as specific as possible and pick one main goal only.

Some examples would be: To get people to read, to get email subscriptions, to drive phone calls, to fill out email forms, to generate meetings/appointments and so on.

  1. If you have any sales literature/promotional material (PDFs, brochures, presentations etc) please list their URLs here. This will help ensure the copy on your website matches up with your sales pitches.
  1. What kind of results do you wish to achieve with this copy?
  1. List any websites or sales material that are similar to what you are hoping to achieve. List their URLs here along with some comments on why you like them (e.g. correct level of technical knowledge, targeting the same target customers etc).
  1. Do you have a preferred point of view for this copy (First person, Second person, Third person)?
  1. Please list the URLs of any other resources you feel may be relevant here. This includes resources such as customer persona documents, style guides etc:

Copywriting Questionnaire

  • What are the benefits, benefits, benefits of your product of service?
  • Features, features, features! How do you differ from your competition? Your USPs?
  • Do you have any testimonials?
  • Do you have any statistics & case studies we can use?
  • Existing materials: Do you have any marketing materials that you like? What do you like about them?
  • Any that you dislike? Why?
  • Do you have defined corporate values or a mission statement you could share?
  • The tone of your brand: Is it friendly, formal, funny? Any sample copy or other brands you like?
  • Is there a word count?
  • What’s your timeframe?
  • What’s your budget?
  • Sign off process – who has final say on this piece and what will the approval process look like?
  • Work style – how do you like to work & communicate? How often and how?

Now you have everything you need to go out there and close those copywriting deals – so go on and smash it!

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