White hat or Black hat – Which one is the finest SEO practice?

White hat and Black hat are two different types of SEO practices. These techniques are widely applied for better ranking of websites in various search engine results. Between the two options, SEO experts generally recommend White hat SEO technique as this is the fairest way to optimize a website.

White hat or Black hat – Which one is the finest SEO practice?

White hat or Black hat – Which one is the finest SEO practice? –

However, high competition sometimes forces Internet marketers to follow Black hat techniques too.

White hat SEO – What it can do for your website?

White hat SEO is an effective and ethical solution for search engine optimization. Through this practice you can increase the online visibility of your website.

This SEO strategy focuses on human audiences. Recently, prominent search engines like Google have made it a point to make the search engine results more adaptable for the users. White hat technique follows this strategic path. This even follows the search engine policies and regulations carefully.

White hat technique consists of the following activities:

  • Publishing quality content.
  • Proper analysis of keywords
  • Astute usage of keywords.
  • Significant link building.
  • Better optimization of Meta Tags, ALT Tags, and Headings.

All these practices may take time to increase the ranking of your website. Once you gain the position, you’ll be able to maintain it for long. The reason behind this is obviously the legitimacy of the whole process.

Black hat SEO – How exactly it may help?

Black hat SEO is also equally successful in increasing the ranking of your website, but this isn’t completely ethical. Black hat SEO doesn’t follow the search engine rules and regulations. This is basically a more aggressive strategy which works to increase the ranking quite quickly.

Following are the activities that are active parts of Black hat SEO:

  • Excessive keyword stuffing.
  • Link farming.
  • Utilization of cloaked Pages and Doorway.
  • Various hidden links.

These practices help your website to get high ranking quite easily and without wasting much time. But the ranking doesn’t remain high for long. In fact Black hat SEO may even lead your website to penalty. Your website may even get banned.

White hat SEO or Black hat SEO – Who’s the strongest contender?

White hat SEO is a legitimate but time consuming technique. Black hat SEO is unethical, yet a quick technique. White hat strategy takes time, but the results are long lasting. You can’t expect your website to remain at the top of search results for long with Black hat techniques.

The advent of Panda and Penguin updates from Google have made it really tough for a website to survive by following unethical strategies for search engine optimization. That’s why your website may get penalized if you’ll follow black hat SEO practices for long. In fact, it’s better not to take the Black hat route.

White hat SEO may take time to boost the ranking of your website, but you’ll never get penalized and your website will be safe.

So, you can say that White hat SEO practice is surely the safest and most effective technique for search engine optimization. Black hat can be a perilous choice indeed.

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