Golden Rule To Internet Security

Golden Rule To Internet Security,..In this technology-powered world, everything from emails, social networking, net banking details are protected with invisible walls of code, also known as passwords.

Golden Rule To Internet Security

Now a days, even shopping has become online. from fashion accesories to food stuffs. We know how to use these internet facilities but do we know how to keep our online accounts safe and protected?

If you just whispered “yes” than your in luck, skip ahead to ‘Check your password strenght’ to give your used password a try. Check if it can actually stand the hack attacks.

Creating A Strong Password

As you know, passwords are important. But, do you know what makes for a strong password? The general point, is that it should NOT

  • contain words that can be found in the dictionary,
  • be in sequence or in repeated characters.
  • contain particulars about your name, birth dates, social security, passport, driver’s license or any identifying documents. The same goes for details of your close family members.

The best practise is to use a complex, varied and long enough password to protect your online account.

A password should contain atleast 8 characters, numbers and both upper and lower case letters. Change your passwords frequently to keep them effective.

Check The Strength Of Your Password

Still not conviced you to change your passwords? Here are three websites that help you check the strenght of your passwords.

How Secure Is My Password

This site will tell you how long it takes for the hacking power of a normal desktop PC to crack your password. The longer the time displayed, the stronger your password. Try it with ’123456′.

Test Your Password

Another password strength checker that tells you where your password stands on 4 levels of security. Just for the fun of it, try to make a password that will give you a BEST reading like what you see below. A long password does not automatically ensures you get a BEST reading.

Microsoft Password Strength Calculator

Length factors into this password strength checker, unlike the previous website. The site also carries some information on how to make strong passwords.

Why go through trouble when you have plenty of tools available? Get going with your favorite password manager and checker and protect your online accounts.

Internet Security are one of the first concerns technogeeks have to look upon.

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