5 Myths About Dark Web Debunked

The dark web has remained a mystery due to its demand for specific software and configurations to access. It has been the subject of many misconceptions and is portrayed by the media as an unsafe and unlawful place filled with criminal activity and shady individuals. Nonetheless, distinguishing between reality and misconception is vital in comprehending the dark web’s essence and functionality. This article aims to explain five common myths about the dark web and provide an accurate description of this hidden corner of the internet.

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Myth 1: There is no difference between the dark web and the deep web.

Although the terms deep and dark web are often used interchangeably, they have entirely different meanings. The deep web contains all internet content that cannot be found through regular search engines. This includes private social media posts, online banking pages, email messages, and more. On the other hand, the dark web is a subset of the deep web that users can only access through specialized software, configurations, or authorization.

Myth 2: You can’t be tracked on the dark web.

ExpressVPN highlights that a common misunderstanding regarding the dark web is that it offers absolute anonymity and cannot be tracked. Although the dark web does offer a higher degree of anonymity compared to the standard internet, it is not entirely untraceable. Law enforcement authorities have developed advanced techniques to track down dark web users and have successfully shut down numerous large dark web marketplaces in recent times. Moreover, if you inadvertently disclose your identity while using the dark web, fixing the mistake may be impossible.

Myth 3: The dark web is only used for illegal activity.

Although the dark web is commonly associated with illegal activities such as human trafficking and selling illegal substances, as well as the sale of stolen data, it should be acknowledged that not all individuals who use it are engaged in criminal activities. Due to its anonymity, the dark web is also used by journalists, activists, and whistle-blowers to safeguard their identities while they gather and distribute sensitive information. Additionally, some people use the dark web to visit websites that are restricted in their country or to communicate confidentially with others without the risk of being monitored.

Myth 4: The dark web is only accessible through Tor.

While the Tor browser is the most commonly used for accessing the dark web, there are several other privacy-focused browsers like I2P and Freenet that also allow access to dark web content. Additionally, some dark web sites can be accessed through regular web browsers but require specific settings or login information for entry. Of course, it’s important to note that accessing the dark web carries many risks and potential dangers, including exposure to illegal activities and cybercrime. Therefore, it’s crucial to take necessary precautions to protect your online identity and privacy before entering these less monitored areas of the internet.

Myth 5: You need special skills to access the dark web.

While accessing the dark web can be intimidating for inexperienced internet users, it doesn’t require any special skills beyond downloading and installing the necessary software. The Tor browser, which is the most popular way to access the dark web, is free to download and easy to install. Once you have the browser set up, you can browse dark web sites just like you would any other website.

Is the dark web really dangerous?

The dark web is known to be a haven for hackers and cybercriminals who use its anonymity to conduct their illegal activities. However, it is important to note that not everyone who uses the dark web is engaged in criminal activity. It can also protect individuals and give them access to information they couldn’t get any other way. For instance, in case of war or any other catastrophe, the dark web can become people’s only way to communicate with the outside world.


The dark web is not as mysterious and sinister as it is often portrayed in the media. While it is true that it is a hub for illegal activity, it also has legitimate uses and provides a level of anonymity that is essential for some users. By separating fact from fiction and understanding the realities of the dark web, we can better navigate this hidden part of the internet and stay safe while doing so. This understanding will further assist you in making better choices.

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