5 Tips to Get More Real Instagram Followers

There are sites where you can buy real active Instagram followers from. This is a way of promotion used by many Instagram users. If you want to get more real Instagram followers then you have to follow a certain method and stick to it.

As you grow and gain more experience you can improve your methods and strategies and grow faster on Instagram. Today, we have 5 tips for you that can help you boost your presence on Instagram and gain more real IG followers from

Research and Build Strategy

Let’s start with researching and building up a strategy. Sounds boring, right? But believe me, this is what’s going to get you the success you are looking for. Research is the key to good social media growth.

So, start by researching your niche and target audience. Understand what kind of content other creators are doing in your niche. Look at the posts of other brands or influencers. Think of how you can make it your own by adding your creative spin to it.

Understand your audience. Who are they? Where do they live? What times are they active on Instagram? All these will help you create posts that are more engaging to the type of users you want to target.

Knowing when to post can help gain more exposure and visibility when you upload your post. Research can help you build a strategy. Set some goals and use your research info to create a nice workflow to create, upload and promote your content.

Engaging Posts

Your posts have to be engaging. You have to set up a nice workflow where you can come up with content ideas and start working on them. Use interesting filters, edit images and videos to correctly fit Instagram’s post bounds.

Always use high-quality images. Of course, if you are looking to create a meme page or something then high-quality may not apply. But if that’s the case then the content has to be engaging. People should be able to get entertained easily without thinking about the quality.

Otherwise, ensure that your images and videos are of good quality and they look decent on the feed. Use different kinds of posts. You can choose one type to be the meat of your content but often sprinkle in a few stories, reels and video posts if images are your main content.

Also, do not shy away from user-generated content. You can ask users to tag you in their posts and you can then share those on your profile. Also, try to submit your posts to repost accounts in your niche. Instagram profiles like 9Gag repost posts and give the creator more exposure. So, try your luck there.

Up the Frequency

Many people buy real Instagram followers to boost their numbers on Instagram. It is a promotion tactic. If you want to grow on Instagram fast then you cannot lay back and post your content once in a while. You have to be very active and do your best to stay in the game. That’s why a strategy and workflow is needed.

You need to have a disciplined workflow to crank out two to three posts per day. A lot of top Instagram profiles still post multiple times a day. This is because Instagram and other similar platforms are not like YouTube where you watch content for 10 minutes or more.

On Instagram, you look at a post for a few seconds to maybe a couple of minutes before moving on to the next one.

This means people are scrolling through multiple different posts from different profiles. If you are not present on their feed each day for more than once then they may ignore or forget about you. So, post as often as possible.

Use Multiple Platforms

You should use different platforms to promote your Instagram profile. If people don’t know you have an Instagram profile then they won’t be able to check out your content. So, try to use different social media platforms to promote your Instagram profile.

You can select some of your good-performing posts and then share them on Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest etc. These platforms also have a huge number of users who are likely on Instagram. So, if they find your content on the other platforms and are interested in what you put out then they might check you out on Instagram. Put your Instagram handle on your website, blog, business card etc.

Engage With Your Audience

You need to build a community around you and your brand. This will help you get regular engagement on your posts which can then translate to more exposure and visibility which can lead to more followers.

A lot of people buy real Instagram followers to boost their numbers to attract more users. If you want to keep the followers you gain you have to reply to their comments or at least like the comments.

Giveaways and contests are good ways to build a loyal community of users. People like free stuff. Contests can be done creatively to get your followers to create content for you. Giveaways can help attract more people to your profile. So, use these methods to grow on Instagram.


It is very easy to give up when you don’t see any gains. But social media is a field where you need to be patient and keep improving your approach as you gain more experience. We hope you found some useful stuff in our list of tips. We wish you all the best!

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