What’s New in Android Nougat or Android N Version 7.0 Features and Apk

Google Android is rolling out their new Android Version 7.0, call ‘Android Nougat’. And today we see that what’s new in this android nougat version. Many of us known as an Android N, Also.

As per Evan Blass tweet,that Android Nougat 7.0 will be coming to Android devices on 5th August, along with this month’s security patch.

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Android Nougat Version 7.0 News and Download.

So, Let’s check what’s new in upcoming google android version 7.0.

android nougat,

Google get own Siri.

Very well known features of the apple’s IOs. Let’s see what android Nougat siri can do. Know more about SIRI.

  • Booking a cab.
  • Reading out an email.
  • Replying to text messages.
  • Booking movie tickets, etc.

An Instant Apps Expect in Nougat Version.

Even in iOS also not have this kind of feature. This android instant app is working on your device without installing on your ram. Generally we need to install app first and then we shroud able to use it. But this android instant app feature help to free your RAM with access and unwanted apps burden. This is known as a Project Svelte.

Android TV in Nougat Android N.

Android Nougat will add the ability to record and playback content from Android TV input services via new recording APIs.

Daydream : A virtual reality Feature.

Basically this is not an hardware updates. But a software updates, to improves the virtual reality experience. Initially Google opens Google Movies and YouTube to Daydream. Also, Developers can create android 7.0 apps to use this Daydream features.

Split-screen multitasking Feature.

This split screen feature help you to split your device screen for two different functionality. You can run two apps, or movie with work, or camera with music, etc.

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Anyways, this flavor of Android nougat version 7.0 should be extremely thrilling and interesting with certain additions, we have been waiting for since Lollipop.

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