How To Create a Coupon Web Site Like Coupondunia

Hello Folks,…Offer discount coupon Web site you are looking to make money online?

Recently time deals and coupons site is a great way for anyone to make money.

You find the latest coupons from various online affiliate market and promote them on your coupon website can start. This way, you will make money through affiliate marketing and CPA marketing.

Here you have the detailed guide with WordPress to create sites can get a coupon. Just follow this guide carefully and only 2 hours from now on you will have your coupon website.

All you need is well explained step 1/2 hours, just about a credit card with a Rs. 5000/- and loads of enthusiasm to follow.

let’s get started

Buy a Domain and Hosting

Buy a Domain

Your coupon site which indicates the purpose of the site easily and also to create a unique brand image, select a name. Once you have decided the domain name, for it is your time to register a domain. But one domain to access your website a web address is not used.

Something like – coupondunia

Something like –

Something like

Usually, buying a domain costs you about $15 per year. However, Host2in, one of the well known WordPress hosting provider gives away a free domain (for 1 yr) on purchase of a web hosting account.

Since we will be anyway needing a hosting account we shall take advantage of the free domain offer.

BUY Domain Name –

And Buy Best Hosting For Coupon Web Site  Managed Cloud Hosting Services

Install WordPress on Hosting Guide On Cloudways

How to Install WordPress  Buy Hosting in HostGator cPanel Easily

We are done with installing WordPress. Congratulations!

All that is left now is a full coupon website is converting the WordPress blog. That customizing WordPress themes and plugins to help add features related to the site with the help of coupons required.

Install WordPress Coupon Theme

There are hundreds of free and premium theme provider if you are going to google for it. But beware of the free providers as many subject matter which ultimately can lead to the compromise of their website to include known malware. Therefore, I suggest you buy a premium theme.

Coupon — Free WordPress Themes

Premium theme.

Personally recommended theme clipper

Ready To Use,,,..



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