How to Design Labels Online Free with Label Maker App Labeley?

How to Design Labels Online Free with Label Maker App Labeley? Now a days it is important to know about online design tool that will help in grow your business. Because next time you go to the supermarket, or simply open your pantry or refrigerator at home. Take a close look at all the product labels you can find there. It’s surprising how many labels we see on daily basis, isn’t it?

Product labels have been around for some 200 years, and yet their importance doesn’t seem to diminish at all. Their purpose has remained the same: to help identify the products and capture attention of potential customers.

Labels definitely enhance the first impression of a product and assist shoppers in their buying decisions. Therefore, product manufacturers constantly work on improving the appearance of their products with attractive labels. That will help them to stand out from other brands. They hire specialists and artists to ideate and design their labels. This service sometimes costs a small fortune.

However, labels are not only used by brands and product manufacturers. In fact, labels are used in households, schools or offices for all sorts of purposes. We label everything. Labeling is a handy way to organize most household items. From the pantry to refrigerator to kitchen cabinets, and so on.

Applying labels and stickers to kids school materials, clothes and sports gear in indispensable. It is the best way to keep your kids stuff out of the lost and found boxes. These are just a few examples of how widespread the use of labels is.

When it comes to purchasing labels, individuals generally buy pre-designed label templates. While business owners and product manufacturers hire graphic designers to create custom labels for them. Hardly anyone designs labels for their own purposes. This is because even though there are numerous software programs for creating artwork, they usually require design knowledge.

But, not all of them. With Labeley’s  free online label maker, everyone can design their own labels for any purpose. Making labels is fun, easy and hassle free.

Top Reasons to Design Labels Online Free with Labeley App

Labeley app is a completely free online label creator for creating all sorts of labels. Since it is a web app, it has worldwide access. You can use it from any computer anywhere in the world, as long as you have Internet connection.

Also, there is no need to download it on your computer. Just head over to the website’s URL and you are set. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about updates. Since you’ll always be accessing Labeley via the same URL. You’ll always be using the latest, up-to-date version of the app.

Design Labels Online Free,

Another great reason to use Labeley’s online label maker is that it requires no design skills. Although it is a comprehensive tool that allows you to fully customize the look of the label. It is actually very simple-to-use.

Its clean interface is clearly divided in two sections. Five label elements for designing a label are located on the left side of the computer screen. While the right side is slightly bigger and serves as working space or canvas.

Furthermore, everyone can use the tool and create labels without signing up. And providing email address or any other personal information. It means you can use it totally anonymously.

However, since Labeley has My Designs section or rather library for storing label designs. Anyone can register a free Labeley account and save all their designs for future usage and modifications. It is a handy option for people who work on more computers, for instance. They could save and then access their designs from anywhere at any time and continue their work.

Label Categories in Labeley App

Labeley app has five different categories for creating general, kids, beer, wine and holiday labels.

Therefore, the design labels online free tool can come in handy in so many situations. It can help beer brewers to create appealing beer labels. That will contribute to the way their beer brands are perceived.

Design labels online free tool allows winemakers to embellish their wine bottles. It is super helpful for event planners who often need highly personalized labels (such as personalized drink bottle and glass labels, place cards, invitations, etc.) For organizing parties, weddings and other happenings.

And, of course, the tool is a great assistant to parents who need to label their kids’ personal things or decorate home and gifts for holidays.

Design Labels Online Free App Labeley’s Features


Labeley offers design labels online free with customization of every element of the label. This is because it includes five different label elements: shape, border, background, graphic, font plus an extra feature for uploading any image from your computer.

As already mentioned, these elements (ready-made pieces of design) are located on the left side of the Labeley’s interface. Every label element section has a huge database of free pre-designed background schemes, graphics, borders, and tons of font options to choose from.

And, of course, there is this extra feature to upload any photo, graphic, logo or other imagery in case you want to use it in your design. Labeley also enables you to resize, move or rotate any graphic, text or image that you’ve added to the design.

The beer and wine categories additionally contain one more section for creating bottleneck labels. This can be very helpful for beer brewers, winemakers and event planners to make their beverage package even more appealing.

How to use Labeley for Design Labels Online Free

Once you’re on the tool’s homepage ( click on the green Start Designing button. A new window will pop up showing you all five categories. One click on any category will take you to the tool’s interface where you can start designing your label.


The first step is to choose one of the offered label shapes. This is the only mandatory step. Every other label element section is optional and exists to help you create a design to your liking.

For example, you can just choose color as a background or you can pick a background from the gallery with pre-designed background schemes. Or you can even upload an image from your computer and use it as a background.

Furthermore, if you want your label to have a border, select one from the Border section. You can, of course, just skip this step. The same goes for the Graphic section and for the Text section.

How to save label designs

Once you are satisfied with your design, you have two options. You can save the label to your Labeley account and keep it for future modifications, or you can download it to your computer and print it out.


However, for both options you first need to save the design by clicking on the Save Label button in the upper right corner. If you had signed in before you started creating, this step will save your label in the My Designs section.

Anyhow, even if you didn’t sign-in, the label design will appear on the left side of the screen next to the label elements. You can now choose to modify it by clicking on the Edit Label button, or you can choose to download it to your hard drive as it is.

To do that, you need to right-click on your design and choose the Save as option. You can select your desired computer location and keep your designs in your computer memory.

Note that you can use Labeley for creating and downloading as many designs as you like. There aren’t any limitations on design labels online free. You can then print your designs and apply them to your beverage bottles, food containers, computer hardware, kids items, holiday gifts and etc.

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Labeley App Summary

Labeley app is a creative and simple-to-use tool for creating all sorts of labels. It can come handy to home-based and small business owners, but also to crafters and event planners.

The design labels online free tool does not require any design skills, hence everyone can use it and create unlimited number of designs. Hopefully, this online label creator will inspire you and help you create labels when you need them.

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