Crescent Rusted Metal Clad Site Office for Developer in Surat

Best Site Office Design Example with Rustic Metal Cladding. Because Generally we see builder’s or developer’s site office in shape of modular container. With ready to move furniture place in it. But few builders create marketing influence. with setting example of fist impression. And give their site office look out of box look and feel. Here, we see an example of Crescent shape site office design. This site office design by Mumbai based architect Sanjay Puri and Associates. For the Surat, Gujarat Based Local Property Developer. This site office architecture is unique in itself. and entire site office structure is cladding with weathered steel sheets.

Crescent Shape Rusted Metal Cladding Site Office for Private Property Developer in Surat.

This modern office for property developer’s site. locate on the cross road junction in Surat city. Office is mainly plan for under develop construction site. with the marketing office functionality of prospect property buyers.

steel clad office front elevation design, site office,

Office planning and elevation is out of box. Architect arrange office functions around the one central courtyard. This courtyard crate inviting space for visitors. And create welcoming effect, just besides the corner of the road.

main entrance of creacent office by sanjay puri

Creating layers or curved wall with inclined, shouting building foam. Using a rustic metal cladding as a exterior finishing material.

Full height glass windows to be used to create more openness and connectivity. Between the indoor outdoor space.

Crescent was designed by Sanjay Puri Architects in rough steel cladding

Each fin is clad with weathering steel – the pre-rusted metal often known by the brand name Corten, giving the building a distinct orange color.

courtyard facing office space

This is a centrally planned open to sky and one side open courtyard. This courtyard work as a entrance pavilion for visitors. With the view of inside office users. Every point of office space, visually connected with this central green courtyard.

Courtyard finish with green lawn and some steeping stone pathway create. To lead visitors at the main entrance door. When visitor just spot in front of court yard. Office visitor see through main entrance door, making out of full height glass shutter door.

steping stone pathway in green lawn of courtyard

Beautiful water feature with stone sculpture well come you at in this marketing office entrance area.

the-crescent-sky view from the central office courtyard

This is a Crescent Shape Skyline from the entrance pavilion of the innovative site office design. You are also see the crescent reflection in the plan foam of the office,also. Using rustic metal for external cladding of the office give solidness of mass. With overlapping of fins create waves in space.

Site Office Design Brief

The angular form is a direct response to the intense sun, which results in extreme temperatures for much of the year. The curving wall forms a protective shield against the southern sun and opens out to accommodate a series of layered north-facing windows.

Visitors and staff enter a reception area at one end of the crescent

Road side water body with fountains. Give some climatic effect in and around the office building space. Also looking pleasant for visitors. This small pond surrounded by glazed walls. That provide views out from the circulation area that wraps around it.

the crescent elevation dwg

Architectural expression of office building elevation. with their contrast background.

Office Building Plan foam also create a crescent shape. With their building foam. Dynamic building planning approach. With really appreciable to create fluid space. with functionality and foam of marketing office.

the-crescent-floor plan by sanjay-puri-surat-india-office

Sectional representation of the architect’s thinking of this office building concept.

concept section of the crescent

Photography is by Vinesh Gandhi.

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So Wingers, this is all about marketing cum site office building design for private builder. Architect really create their best perception of space. In term of aesthetics and functional creation. Have a thoughts on it, share with us.

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