Dating online, which at one point of time used to be considered socially awkward, and nearly a taboo, has now become much more socially acceptable.

Thanks to increasing desperation of single people, as well as the rise of dating apps and website, it has become much more acceptable now than ever before.

Friendswipe for Tinder: Find Facebook Friends Who Are Using Tinder

Friendswipe for Tinder: Find Facebook Friends Who Are Using Tinder –

Tinder especially has got a major role to play in this changing habit in the changing times. The app has been massively popular and has given a large number of people a platform to meet other like-minded people they can hang out with.

The app is perhaps the biggest name in the world of dating.

Tinder is one of those apps a large number of us are on, but an even larger number of us deny to be on. When ‘caught’ by friends on using Tinder, a number of people tend to say ‘We are there for experimental/research purposes’.

Really? What is this research you’re doing over there? It is one of those apps a number of us have embraced openly, while a number of us use shyly.

While some people use it discreetly, others hide when they are around their friends.

However, you can now catch all your friends who are using the app with a much greater ease! Thanks to FriendSwipe, it is now possible to explore which of your friends are on Tinder! You can even view their profiles.

Not only can you view them, you can also swipe them.

As of now, the friendswipe app is available only on the Apple app store. However, it is soon expected to get to the Android OS too. The app’s official website comments on the fact that it will soon be available on the App Store. 

Those of you who want to be spared from FriendSwipe’s eye would have to turn your Tinder Social off.  The app can only find those friends who are using the Tinder Social feature. 

To Install the app, either search for  FriendSwipe on the Play Store, or head over to their website(

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