How to Increase wifi Network Range

How to Increase wifi Network Range with this free Software is about a section of your house suffers from a poor or inexistant Wi-fi coverage? In this FAQ, you’ll will discover the different solutions to easily increase wifi network range.

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How to Increase wifi Network Range

Free software

To test the status and range of your increase wifi network range using your smartphone or tablet:

To test the status of your Wi-fi network using a PC:

Choosing the right spot for your Wi-fi router:

The range of your wireless network will depend on the location of your Wi-fi router.

  • Make sure that the router is away from metallic structures, phones and microwave ovens.
  • Move your router away from your neighbor’s house and make sure you are not using the same.
  • Place the router at the center of your house, to cover the maximum range possible.
  • Check if the router’s firmware is up-to-date.

Replacing or upgrading your hardware

If all of the above solutions have failed, then you will need to replace or upgrade your current hardware.

Replace the antenna of your Wi-fi router

Unscrew the current antenna and replace it with a more powerful model.

  • Not all router models allow this operation.

Extend your network using Wifi repeaters

Wifi repeaters can amplify your Wifi signal and increase the maximum range of your network.

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