How to Restore Data from a Crashed Computer? [Step-by-Step Guide Plus Bonus Tips]

Whether it is due to a failed operating system or any interrupted computer operation, there is a high chance that all your files stored in the local drives will not be accessible when the computer crashes. The ones you keep in the cloud network won’t have the same fate. But how many of you go to the extra length of making copies of the files and storing them on the cloud network when you can complete the saving process on the computer within seconds?

The number of raised hands will be very low because let’s not argue that people aren’t usually habituated to storing them on a cloud network like OneDrive or Dropbox. So, to save your files from getting permanently deleted, it is better to use a professional data recovery software. You will find a lot on the market, but we will focus on below the best one-  Wondershare Recoverit.

Recover Data from a Crashed Computer with Recoverit Data Recovery

Selecting the wrong software to recover lost data from the crashed computer can be way more hectic. Sometimes, the software can corrupt the data or won’t allow you to retrieve them correctly. But when it comes to Wondershare Recoverit, there are no such worries. The software comes packed with a plethora of features you might not find in any other software that is also comprehensive.

Key Features of Recoverit

  1. With the help of Recoverit, you can extract the lost files from a crashed computer in any format, whether the images with png and jpg extensions or files with formats like doc, Xls, odt, ods, and so on. The software can retrieve files with more than 1000 different formats, proving to be one of the best data recovery tools.
  2. Apart from retrieving the lost files from the crashed computer, you can also use this software to retrieve lost data caused by virus attack, device format, accidentally deleted files and many other such scenarios.
  3. It can restore lost data from over 2000+ storage devices, including hard disk, external hard disk, SSD, flash drives, USB drives, and many more. Therefore, if the files stored in any one of these drives are lost, or the drive itself has crashed, use Recoverit data recovery to get back all the files before they are permanently deleted from the location.
  4. Since it is professional software, it will restore the files in original quality. No file will be corrupted, especially the images and videos. Also, you can preview the files to ensure they open in the original form without any additional missing content.
  5. In addition, you can restore only selective files, instead of a brunch of unwanted files. This is one of the plus points of Recoverit, which you might not get from any other software.

Steps to Recover Data from Crashed Computer

  1. Launch Wondershare Recoverit on a working PC or Mac, select System Crashed Computer.
  •  Connect the blank USB drive to the working computer. Once it is recognized by the system, click on Start.

Alt text: recognize usb device

  • A pop-up box will appear with a warning sign that the USB drive will be formatted. Click on the Format option.

Alt text: click on format

  • After this, a screen will appear showing the status of the creation of the bootable device, which is the USB device.

Alt text: creating bootable device

  • Now connect the USB to the crashed computer and restart it. While doing so, click the BIOS button when the computer starts, and the first screen appears.

Alt text: connect and press bios

  • From the Recoverit window, choose either the hard disk copy or data recovery option. Based on the desired process, select the hard drive or files to be recovered and copy them to another drive.

What are the causes of which computer crashes?

There are reasons the computer can crash, and knowing them beforehand might help you prevent them. after all, sometimes, the files may be lost permanently, and no software can bring them back. So, the following are some reasons the PC can crash.

  1. If you suddenly stop or interrupt the up-gradation process of the operating system, there are high chances you will end up with a crashed PC.
  2. An infection due to malware or programmed ransomware can cause the computer to crash.
  3. Overheating the hard drive can lead to a crashed operating system and is one of the most common reasons.
  4. If the operating system is not updated on time and you continue to work with the older version for a long time, you are bound to end up with a crashed computer.
  5. Playing any unauthorized game can put the computer in hang mode. Forced shutdown and restarting of the system can also lead to a crashed PC.

How to avoid computer crashes?           

Although some of the reasons for computer crashes might not be in your hands, you can take appropriate precautions to prevent them at any cost. To help you out, we have discussed some of them in this below part.

  1. Always keep the operating system upgraded to its latest version. But do so only when the update option appears on the PC.
  2. Do not interrupt the upgrade process of the operating system. Just leave your computer in the same position and wait till the upgrades are done appropriately.
  3. Never download any anonymous software, as that can cause the computer to be infected with ransomware or malware.


Now that you know why the computer can crash, you should download Wondershare Recoverit data recovery on your computer. Not only will it deep scan the computer and display all the files, but it will also help ensure they are not corrupted during the restoration process. Plus, it can restore files with more than 1000+ formats. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the files stored on your computer even if the OS crashes.

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