How We Built a Mini Data Center with Finance and Pricing Detail

How to Built a Mini Data Center Finance And Startup Funding Data center cost and requirement.We tried to fulfill the promise, and to talk about the financial side of the issue. I hasten to say, commercial information, we can not disclose, however, “to describe” everything in general – did not see the problem.

In this article we will touch on the pricing of services, of which it is composed and that it is affected, so that all were able to look at the “kitchen” of the hosting provider.

We will tell you how many there are servers, what are the main problems in their operation and how the price of services is formed, taking into account the necessary profit.

First, let’s talk about the data center.

There were so many questions, such as: Where money? How much to spend in built a mini data center? Are investments attracted? Is Cost-effective? We will try to answer these questions. His work, we started since November 2015, and this month earned just $ 36. Not a lot, but for a beginner it is already on the market result.

Further, by bringing customers (including corporate) we left not a good turnover of which bought their own equipment. And so, it was already enough to qualify for their own data center (well, about the real reasons you do without us).

How We Built A Mini Data Center?

The financial side of the issue – is simple. We spent for the construction of the data center about as much earned from November to May. It is not the amount of space, but in a small apartment can buy.

We did not attract outside investment, one of the founders added a small portion of funds to help with an unexpected move, after seeing the financial statements. Therefore, we can say that all of this, we almost earned themselves.

We have saved a huge amount of money in the construction, on modularity. Namely, we bought so many resources – how much we need. Generator – 5 kW UPS – 5kW, etc. More – you can always deliver, but the “salt” is not the right resources – not suitable for our project.

That is now coming to us a new UPS, which will be more powerful than the old, and to work with him in the “pair”, although the load we have not yet reached the threshold.

What is the Cost to Built a Mini Data Center?

As we see it?

built a mini data center,

Point to Consider for Built a Mini Data Center.

The cost of service is necessary to establish a set of parameters that need to count and are not understood at first glance. For example, the following parameters should be put in the service of a dedicated server:

  • The equipment and its depreciation. We buy secondhand HP’s servers in order to reduce the final price to the consumer. In fact – the servers in excellent condition, with a guarantee from our supplier with competitive processors. More addition, HP equipment has very low power consumption, but more about that later.
  • Electricity consumption. Here we are more fortunate. HP Small server consumes up to 100 watts. The day is 2.4 kW. The month is 72 kW. And the money is 144 UAH. ~ Or $ 6. For comparison, the old configuration server consumes C2Quad C2Duo or several times more.
  • Air conditioning and free cooling. It is necessary to take into account the cost of air conditioning and freecooling in the cold season. Our air conditioner consumes 10 kW on average, during conditioning, a day is 240 kW and 7200 kW per month. And this is 14400 USD. or ~ $ 576. Not a few, right? In this respect free cooling consumes a fraction of about 2.1 kW. If we divide this amount to the entire data center – is not critical, but it is not until all filled. And that is not all.
  • Service facilities, security, and other trifles, even eat a decent amount. 200-300 $ / month.
  • Support – the lion’s share of costs. It’s worth noting that the work of the support we have divided into three shifts. 7-15, 15-23, 23-7. The output should also be blocked, and plus – the senior administrator to be available 24/7. Total 3 + 1 person per day. Plus 2 in reserve when the first shift output. Plus Fin department. Total comes to salary fund at least $ 2000, and at the peaks reach up to $ 3000.
  • Internet channels. And their two plus one reserve. This is part of the funds that need to be put in the equipment. Namely, 1 megabit per average price of $ 1. 2 channels of 1000 megabits = 2 000 $. Of course at the expense of wholesale it is a little cheaper, but all the same. With regard to the reserve – where payment traffic, there easier.
How much Server Cost in Built a Mini Data Center?

Total price is formed by a single server based on all these parameters. And honest shaping the park up to 100 servers (share price to 100 servers) – it comes out well, let’s consider:

  • The server cost of $ 1000 payback say 24 months. $ 41
  • Air conditioning + power consumption, even $ 10 ~
  • Putting $ 3-5
  • Support for another $ 20 in the price
  • Internet channel somewhere else $ 15

We get the amount of the minimum rental – $ 91. At the same time we are really renting a server for $ 55-70. And all this, provided that we “have” 100 is constantly loaded servers.

Of course this is just dry numbers, and these calculations is very abstract, someone pays more, someone is paying not only for the server, and IP and add. services, but all the same, I want the community to know and understand how much costs have a hosting provider with its own infrastructure. The amount of up to 100 servers – it is rather at a loss, without the extra. services and other economies that we achieve.

But I do not want to say that we are working in the negative, there is, on the contrary, we are working with a small profit, and in the future. We are much more important to attract customers quality than to gnaw their own elbows when they lose. This is only a small part of what we can tell, but it is no less important in the complex.

The following article: we will try to make it more focused and tied to real events and works in our data center and the company as a whole. We were already arrived interesting piece of hardware, Blade HP C7000, about which you can tell a lot, and even more to show. So as soon will be released the first video on the work of our data center on our YouTube channel.

Actually the blade C7000:


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