Lego Architecture – The Ultimate Architecture Model making fun Game

Lego architecture capitol: Ultimate architecture model buildings are fun. The bigger the better, and the more detail they contain. The more you want to shrink down to the size of a Lego man and run around inside them. Here is the ultimate architecture model process. And how it work? And believe me this is really fun.

Lego Architecture – The Ultimate Architecture Model making

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The problem is that they cost a fortune to make and most of us wouldn’t have a clue where to start. Until recently, if you wanted to create a lego architecture model building. Then your only option was to either roll up your sleeves and reach for the glue to make it yourself. Or to go out and buy Lego Architecture. Which, let’s face it, is really designed for kids.

There was no other option. And this is where Arckit comes in. It has only just been launched and is designed specifically for architects to quickly mock up scaled structures. And really get inside their buildings and add realistic details.

Beauty of Lego architecture Model Making:

The beauty of this lego architecture model system is that the components just click together without glue. So they can be easily and quickly modified.

Although it was designed with architects in mind, the 1:48 scale makes it perfect for home builders, interior designers, students, and model hobbyists. The components include everything from doors and windows, stairs, balconies, roof panels and walls. The possibilities are endless.

Planning a home or extension? Leave it on the kitchen table and get the whole family involved with sharing their ideas. Studying interior design? Preparing for a student project? Arckit takes away the hassle associated with traditional model building and makes it highly practical and fun!

The best thing is that Arckit lego architecture gives you access to an online library of real building material textures. That you can download and print onto Arckitexture adhesive sheets. This means that you can build a detailed structure. And then apply finishes like wood, terracotta tiles, aluminum, even water.

Check it out at arckitcom

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So are you are still wondering if you can shrink down to the size of a Lego man and run around inside? Well, the 1:48 scale means that it is compatible with most model sets, so it’s perfect for using alongside a wide range of model train sets, model cars, miniature furniture and even Lego men! Very cool.

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