Experts’ Global- Reliable MBA Admission Consultancy

Experts’ Global was founded by Mr. Mayank Srivastava, in 2008, and has been instrumental in the MBA journeys of countless aspirants.

MBA admissions committees consider a broad spectrum of factors when determining a candidate’s acceptability, elements that most applicants have little understanding of. This plus the highly competitive nature, borne from intense desirability, of the world’s top MBA programs can make the admissions process an impenetrable conundrum. For these reasons, MBA applicants know frequently hire professional MBA admissions consultants.

Experts’ Global- Reliable MBA Admission Consultancy

Arguably, Experts’ Global is chief among these consultants for its unerring understanding of the admissions processes of the world’s leading business schools. Let us take a look at some of the factors that make this firm a leading figure in MBA admissions consulting.

School Shortlisting

Most MBA aspirants find themselves overwhelmed, at some point, by the sheer number and variety of business courses they can take up. So, the ability to determine which courses are best suited to an individual aspirant’s career ambitions is a critical skill in MBA admissions consulting, and this is one skill that Experts’ Global’s admission mentors have in abundance. These mentors carefully analyze key factors, such as career goals, geographic preferences, financial realities, scholarship opportunities, and program duration to help the applicants make accurate and informed decisions regarding their MBA journey.

Interview Training

Immediately after the application process is complete, even before schools start sending out interview calls, Experts’ Global initiates interview prep. Experts’ Global’s MBA interview prep takes place over three steps. First is “study” – carefully studying a series of videos on the basics of a good MBA interview. Second is the “questionnaire”, a collection of thirty of the most common MBA interview questions to be answered by the student. The third step is the “mock interviews”, a series of interviews formulated and conducted by an experienced interview mentor, on the basis of the students’ individual weaknesses and strengths, which they determine through the questionnaire.

Honest Feedback

The Experts’ Global admissions teams make it a point to always be straightforward with their feedback. While maintaining proper decorum, but Experts’ Global admissions mentors are always completely forthcoming regarding students’ perceived shortcomings, the idea being that one must understand one’s weaknesses if one is to resolve them. Ultimately, this feedback is always appreciated even if some may find it tough to swallow in the moment.

Theme Building

The guiding philosophy of Experts’ Global’s essay writers is that a strong essay must tell a story; this is why “theme-building” rests at the heart of their writing process. Writing mentors collaborate with aspirants to highlight themes in their profiles that can unify their professional histories and goals, into powerful narratives.

Well Defined Application Process

Experts’ Global’s admissions mentors make it a point to have the students take the admissions process one step at a time, to make sure it doesn’t overwhelm them. Keeping deadlines and other important dates straight is a challenge for most students, even when applying for even one school, so Experts’ Global follows the approach of streamlining the entire process into a system of milestones that the students and mentors track together.

End to End Admission Consulting

Unlike many other MBA admissions consultants, Experts’ Global offers guidance on every aspect of the MBA admissions process, with its dedicated admissions teams experienced in managing every aspect of the process, from school short listing to interview prep.

Informative Content

Experts’ Global is notable for the focus on self-study that it incorporates into its admissions consulting. This much is obvious from the company’s video essay series describing the MBA admissions process in detail; the purpose of this series is to allow the students the opportunity to handle the process, or any particular part of it, independently, should they desire and to help them be active participants throughout the process.

Exceptional Admissions Teams

The admissions teams at Experts’ Global have a wealth of experience in this field and a detailed information repository on the countless business schools and their admissions. Their expertise is truly unmatched. Perhaps even more importantly, they maintain excellent communication and organizational capability to make the consulting process as smooth as possible for their students.

Guiding Philosophy

Most importantly, Experts’ Global maintains a philosophy of seeing the aspirants it works with as “students” not clients. Experts’ Global regards itself as a facilitator of learning and thus, its number one priority is always the success of its students.

Through clear methodology, strict discipline, and thorough research, Experts’ Global has greatly simplified a complex and counterintuitive process, making it the best consulting service for thousands of overwhelmed MBA aspirants.

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