Let’s Track your Usage with Paper USB Business Card

Let’s Track your Usage with Paper USB Business Card is about humble business card still hasn’t been killed off by digital alternatives. Being handed a piece of dead tree with contact details printed on it in ink. Arguably increasingly stands out in an age when digital data is so cheap and mutable. But paper inevitably presents a barrier to accessing and utilizing the data thereon. Hence alternatives such as QR code business cards.

Paper USB Business Card

Paper USB Business Card ,

Well, here’s a third alternative in the making: Swivel Card is a paper usb business card. That by way of a spot of patented printing and some clever perforations. Also includes a USB stick interface so the business card can be stuck into a USB port and then point the user to a particular webpage.

The webpage you associate with individual Swivel Cards can also be changed. So you could update it with content specific to the person. You’ve given a particular Swivel Card to, for instance. One suggested scenario there is for a wedding photographer to personalize the photo content. They showcase to a potential client, for example.

And, being as it has a digital interface, the Swivel Card also includes the ability to track usage. So you can see where your business cards have ended up, and how much people are accessing them. So it’s a paper business card with analytics.

How does the Swivel Card manage to stick a USB drive onto a piece of paper? “We invented (& patented Paper USB Business Card) a way to print a USB drive onto/into paper. We use a special metallic ink to print the USB contact strips & embed a small chip in the paper,” says the start-up.

USB Business Card:

For those without a USB drive, the card does also include NFC and a printed QR code so the data can still be accessed in other ways.

At present Swivel Card is a patent and a prototype. Its makers are raising crowd funds on Kick starter to bring their smart business cards to market. But have already doubled their original target of $10,000 with a further 33 days left of the campaign. Meaning they have the means to deliver on their promises.

They’re offering taster packs of mini versions of their Swivel Card for $29 and $79 but if you’re after the full fat offering. Which includes all your details printed on it, with a design of your choosing.  It’s now a $289 Kick starter pledge for a pack of 200 Swivel Cards, so these smarter paper usb business cards don’t come cheap.

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If all goes to plan, the makers are aiming to ship packs to backers starting from this October.

So, friends this is something incoming revolutionary business ideas in the virtual world, and how this Paper USB Business Card you get get benefits out of them.

Hope, you enjoy idea of paper usb business card.

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