Hello Folks,….. PC Shortcut Keys that are Heavily Useful in Day to day routine is about those time saving steps – Do you know with shortcut keys on your keyboard, every PC owner can save a lot of time? Like Printing can be done with simply going to your file menu and hitting the Print option from there, but if you use a shortcut like CTRL button and the letter P (CTRL+P) it can get you the same result.

So you can save a lot of clicks and seconds that you spend from your mouse and point, and aim is not always fun.

PC Shortcut Keys that are Heavily Useful in Day to day routine

Today like CTRL+P, I am going to provide you some pc shortcut keys that can save a lot time and energy of your. This list is highly useful for people using computer and internet regularly so bookmark this page for future reference.


Ctrl+C – Copy selected element

Ctrl+X – Cut selected element

Ctrl+V – Paste selected element

Ctrl+Z – Undo an activity

Ctrl+Y – Redo an activity

CTRL+A – Select All things

Ctrl+P – Print

More than basics

Alt+Tab – Switch between open windows

Windows Key+D – Show desktop by clearing everything

Windows Key+Down Arrow – Minimize the currently active window

Windows Key+Up Arrow – Maximizing the current window.

Windows key+Shift+Right Arrow – Move windows between multiple monitors.

Ctrl+Shift+Esc / Ctrl+Shift+Delete – to open task manager

Windows Key+L – Lock your PC or switch users

Windows Key+P – Option to Choose from different display modes

Windows Key+ Plus Sign or Minus Sign – for zooming in and out

Windows Key+F – Search for files and folders

Windows Key+Shift+Click taskbar icon – Open new instance of program

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So, Friends this is all about pc shortcut keys and its usefulness, hope you people like this.

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