How To Use Whatsapp Without Mobile Number

If You are searching for “ How to use Whatsapp without Phone number or Mobile number or without Sim Card ?” then you’re at right place.

We all know that Whatsapp is one of the most popular and most used Social Networking App. Whatsapp APK allows us to stay connected with our family, friends and relatives free of cost. Whatsapp allows us to make groups where we can add our friends and share things together. We can send text messages, pictures, videos and even pdf files using whatsapp to whoever we want.

It is being used by different age Whatsapp groups Rules consisting of youngsters and many aged because it has easy interface and is so simple to handle that it can be used by all. Whatsapp users are increasing day by day over the world. It is being used by different age groups. It is available across different platforms like Android, Blackberry, iOS etc.

Non-smartphone users are also using whatsapp these days. Thinking Whatsapp without Phone Number is interesting ? , Of course, it is.

There are many whatsapp tricks and hacks surrounding the Internet. Such as How to Use Whatsapp Bold etc. And people are taking interest in them. One of the trick which i found to be interesting is How to Use Whatsapp without Phone Number? or How to Use Whatsapp without sim card ? . It is very useful trick for those people who wants to hide their original mobile number to maintain privacy.As anyone can lookout for you on Whatsapp using your Phone Number. So it becomes important to use Whatsapp without Phone Number or to Use Whatsapp without sim card. So, in this article I’ll showing you how you can use Whatsapp without Mobile Number or Whatsapp without sim card or Whatsapp without Phone Numberin your android phone. All you’ve to do is just follow some steps to learn to Use Whatsapp without Phone Number :-

How To Use Whatsapp Without Mobile Number
How To Use Whatsapp Without Mobile Number

How to Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number ?

Step.1 First of All Download Whatsapp Messenger for Androidfrom Playstore, install it and then launch it. If you have already Whatsapp installed, just clear it’s data to Use Whatsapp without Phone Number or Use Whatsapp without Sim Card. and then launch it.

Step.2 Now, on Next step Whatsapp will ask you to verify your Phone Number but you have to use Whatsapp without Mobile Number . So, Do not enter your Mobile Number.

Step.3 We’ll use Alternate method to Verify your mobile Number. Download textPlus app and install it in your mobile to pass verify Mobile Number step and Use Whatsapp without Phone Number.  You can also try other similar apps such as TextNow , and Spoof Message app.

Step.4 After downloading textPlus app, launch it and go to settings and select contacts.

Step.5 You will get a number for Personal use in textPlus app copy that number.

Step.6 Now Open Whatsapp Messenger and paste that copied number from textPlus app and Click continue. You’ll then get a verification code in textPlus app.

Step.7 Now use that verification code to verify your Whatsapp account. Now you are ready to Use your whatsapp Without Phone Number or Whatsapp without Sim Card or Whatsapp without Mobile Number .

So, that’s all we had for you in this article. Hope it will be helpful for you to Use Whatsapp without Mobile Number or Whatsapp without Sim Card. Incase you have any query or questions about using Whatsapp without Phone Number , let us know below.

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