Hello Folks,….. Restart Windows 8 .x (any 8.1) Using Just the Keyboard is very simple and easy, but how just see here.

Everybody knows that to shut down Windows you’ve always had to click on the Start button… but what if you don’t want to click? What if your mouse broke or you are just feeling lazy and don’t want to reach over? Here’s how to shut down or Restart Windows 8 using just the keyboard.

In previous editions of Windows, you could easily do this by popping up the Start menu and navigating with the Windows key and then the arrow keys, but Windows 8.x has that really annoying Start Screen that they are thankfully removing in the next version. So how do you manage it in the meantime?



Restart Windows 8 .x (any 8.1) Using Just the Keyboard

It’s really simple.

First, use WIN + X to pull up the power tools menu.

Restart Windows 8.x Using Just the Keyboard-2

Then use the U key on the keyboard to pop out the “Shut down or sign out” menu.

Restart Windows 8.x Using Just the Keyboard-3

Now you can use the U key to immediately shut down, or R for restart, S for sleep, or I for sign out. You are now a keyboard ninja. Be proud of yourself.

Update: Mr Wizard in the comments points out that you can also click on the desktop (or just make sure the desktop is the active window) and use ALT + F4 to bring up the shutdown dialog.


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