Rankings Improved! And started making backlinks!

Yipee! Rankings updated and got Kicked up in SERPs. I am very happy with the progress of site without a single backlink. I just started making backlinks and soon I will be on the first page.

In this article, I am going to tell you the reason behind getting my Rankings improved in just 13 days of registering the domain name. Currently, We are on the first spot on the 6th page for exact targeted keyword!

Yeah, Here is the new timeline of the rankings in google.

Timeline for rankings!

  • 20/01/2019 – #106th position
  • 22/01/2019 – #74th position
  • 26/01/2019 – #67th position
  • 03/10/2019 – #51th Position

As I told you before, I was not going to make backlinks till the end of the Feb. But It is too late to start making backlinks for the site. The reason behind my decision was the G-core update. So, What exactly the Core update does.

G- Core Udpate was first launched on April 2018 by google to penalize the sites who make spam backlinks to get ranked on google for targeted keyword. It is not domain wide penalty but once penalized, you have to wait till next update to remove penalty.

It will cost you too much time and time is money ? hehe… That’y why you will lose too much money once you will get penalized by any of the google’s animal.

That’s why I was not going to make backlinks for my affiliate site but Now I think that to make it rank faster, I need to make backlinks. So, Finally, I am going to make backlinks for my Affiliate site. First of all, Let me tell you how I got ranked on the 6th page without backlinks?

Reason behind getting ranked at the age of 13 days and 0 backlinks on the 6th page of google is Internal links. Yes, Here is what I am going now On my site.

My interlinking strategy

As I told you that I have made homepage Static and Optimized it for the targeted keyword. I have also made a blog on the back end to Support the site and to educate the visitors for the specific topic on which I am doing affiliate marketing.

I have around 7-8 articles on the blog which is helping the Homepage to rank on the targeted keyword because from the blog posts, I am giving links to the homepage to make it rank on the targeted keyword with the Targeted keyword as anchor text.

So, How it is effective to rank authority blogs or blog posts for the targeted keyword? Yes, I have shared it once that how to take advantage of internal links to get higher rankings. I am going to share it with you all once again.

Whenever you find something related to the article you are having on your blog, Just link to it. No matter you find exact match keyword or not to make it anchor text but If there is something related, Just link to it.

If you want to link with exact match keyword, Just make Google feedburner feed of your whole blog so that you can get 100% content written on your blog and then use CTRL+F to find the keyword. Once you get the keyword, Just edit that article and link the other article from that one!

This is the easiest way to make internal links with exact match keyword to rank specific article for exact match targeted keyword.

Thanks to that method to make my blog rank on the 6th page without backlinks and only 800 words of content on the homepage. Soon it will be on the top 3 positions. Now let me tell you about the methods I am going to use on the Affiliate site to make High quality effective backlinks.

1. Stealing the backlinks from Competitors

Now you will think I am going to use the ahrefs account but why to use it when we have Openlinkprofiler? On open link profiler, you can get information about every backlink from your competitor.

You just have to enter the URL of the competitor’s site and you will get information about it very easily. Whenever you enter any domain name in the openlinkprofiler, you get the influence score of the link on the left hand side of the table in which information about backlinks are there.

If the influence score is above 50-60 or it is written in green background, Just open that link and if possible, Make backlink on that page. You will get quality backlink using this technique.

Once you complete making backlinks from the backlinks profile of 1 of your competitors, open up the backlink profile of second competitor and do same thing again and again.

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By this way, you will see improvements in your rankings.

2. Web 2.0 Properties

This one is old and gold method to make backlinks. But, if you are going to spam the web2.0 properties, it may not work. Here spamming means publishing copied content. It may not work or may work too!

What I am going to do is to make web2.0 properties on different platforms, Writing good content on it as it will take only 15-20 minutes to write content as there will be no one who is going to read this content.

I will cover normal topics related to my site and will link to it. I will also do social bookmarking of the web2.0 sites to get more link juice. Let us see what happens…

So, these are the 2 backlink strategies I am going to use to get my site ranked on the top 3 spots of the targeted keyword on google. I am thinking to rank it on the bing and yahoo as well, but first google.

Conclusion: My Affiliate site 1 is going well and it is ranking well on the google without backlinks. Once I will start making backlinks, I am sure that I will see boost in the rankings of the site and As I am doing this Publicly, I don’t want to lose as I am getting over hundreds of visitors on this site. If you have any questions related to this, Just let me know in the

comments. I will help you to solve them.

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