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9 Office Design Tricks to Improve Productivity

Employees are an extremely crucial component for the success of any business. They are the ones who carry out everyday tasks that keep a company moving forward and near its target revenue goals. For this reason, employees must be facilitated in every way possible to be more productive.

How an office is set up can have a direct bearing on the performance of the workforce. Many companies downplay the importance of office design and its relationship with the employees’ performance. However, it has been established that workers tend to deliver better in a work environment that facilitates their needs.

9 Office Design Tricks to Improve Productivity

9 Office Design Tricks to Improve Productivity –

But many times, existing office designs are not suitable for greater productivity and require a redesign. Office fit-outs can be very helpful in such a situation and allow changes that facilitate a more productive workforce.

In this guide, let’s take a look at some office design tricks that will help increase the productivity of your workforce.

1.   Let the Sun in

Office brightness plays a vital role in the productivity of the employees. Research has shown that sunlight at work increases the productivity of the workers considerably.

Have large windows at the office to let the sun brighten up your workspace. Too little light can leave employees feeling drowsy. Natural light should also help you lower your energy bill to some extent.

2.   Find the Right Work Tables

When it comes to the workstations, most offices have a standard design. However, not all employees are comfortable with the typical desk and chair setup. Some people prefer lower desks while others want to work while standing.

The best way to go about it is to have adjustable desks, which are equally suitable for work whether you’re sitting in a chair or standing up. These desks can improve productivity as your employees will feel more comfortable.

3.   Freedom to Decorate Helps

Employees should be given the freedom to decorate their workstations as they prefer. Pictures of the families, a small plant on the desk, and even a baseball glove sitting on the side can all help employees feel at home.

The workforce will work better when they have familiar objects surroundings. They will also feel a sense of ownership which naturally is a powerful motivational force. You can even ask employees for suggestions regarding the overall décor of the office. 

4.   How About Some Plants

Greenery has a soothing effect on the eyes, and incorporating some plants into the office is an excellent idea. You should add plants to your décor plans and have some in all parts of the office.

It will give a fresh feeling to the employees, which tends to go well with their productivity levels. It is also a better option for decoration than opting for expensive fixtures and paintings.

5.   Add Some Warmth, Literally!

Many offices have their temperatures set somewhat low. The concept is that the colder temperature keeps people active. Besides, it lowers the energy bill. However, research has shown that warmer temperature at the office positively impacts employees’ productivity.

You should ensure that the temperature is warm enough for employees to feel comfortable and be more productive. Keeping it cold will likely dampen their spirits.

6.   Improve the Air Quality

Most offices do not have the mechanism to allow fresh air in. The lack of fresh air can lead to the poor air quality inside. You must fix this situation so that the people can breathe better.

Air filters are very helpful. You can also have windows that can be opened partially. Fresh air helps productivity with the workers feeling better.

7. Bright Colors Help

Darker colors in an office make it appear exotic and can be very attractive for the clients. However, the darker shades lose their appeal for the employees after some time.

Brighter colors lift the mood and have an impact on the productivity of the employees. It’s good to have your meeting rooms with darker tones for the clients but lighter tones in the employees’ work areas.

8. Break Rooms are the Key

Intelligently designed break rooms can help boost team building in your company. Add some activities that involve several people at a time, such as a foosball or table tennis tables. Such activities help the employees interact better with others.

It also boosts interaction as the workers enjoy their breaks a lot more. Old fashioned grab your lunch and go back to work routine is not suitable for productivity.

9. Add an Area for De-stressing

The corporate environment is very competitive, and the work hours are generally long. This can lead to a lot of stress, and some people see a drop in productivity because they are unable to cope with it.

A de-stressing room can help employees relax and take their minds off the work stress for a few minutes. It helps them release the tension of looming deadlines and spend some time with peers outside the work mode. You can also choose to add a gaming zone, cafeteria, or even a music room to help workers unwind and give their brains a reset.

The Bottom Line

There are lots of ideas you can incorporate in your office design and help increase the productivity of your employees. The key is to have the willingness and flexibility to execute your ideas and make your employees feel at home.

While this endeavor calls the doing something a little extra going against the typical corporate norms, the productivity boost from these changes makes the whole effort worthwhile.

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