SaferVPN: Budgeted VPN Service Reviewed

Today we are reviewing SaferVPN, where, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a network created with the help of servers that have the ability to encrypt your internet activity. How is that beneficial? you may ask.

SaferVPN: Budget VPN Service Reviews

SaferVPN: Budget VPN Service Reviews-

Supposing you are using public WLAN; its always insecure and your internet whereabouts can be easily tracked while you are on a shared network.

Using a VPN service enables you to encrypt your online presence, such that others could not keep a track of your whereabouts on the internet allowing you complete privacy.

Today we bring you the review of one such service provider who provides VPN service at reasonable charges. But before that, we’d like to briefly tell you, what VPN exactly is, and how could you be benefited from it.

So what does VPN allow you to do?

Access blocked websites

There are many countries in the world that have blocked certain websites therein. Social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and online TV sites like HULU and NetFlix are banned in certain countries. However, with the use of VPN, you can access these websites.

Go incognito: hide your online whereabouts from others

When you use the internet, there are many cookies that are attached to your computer system to track your whereabouts. Internet service providers or employers track the pages you visit.

Malicious softwares track your keystrokes. However, you can use the incognito mode in your internet browser, but that cannot ensure that you are safe from these things.

A Virtual Private Network ensures that you are pretty much safe from them so that you can enjoy your privacy while online. They also prevent your system from the malicious softwares that make a log of all your keystrokes. Hence you can rest assured.

What can SaferVPN do for you and Why should You use it?

SaferVPN is quite safe to use as the nomenclature suggests; on the other hand, its very simple to use as well. Just like every VPN, even they provide a high level of security from your online presence being tracked.

Here’s a Roundup of their plans and pricing:

SaferVPN, basically has two levels of pricing. Either you are charged yearly or monthly, depending upon the plan you choose. There’re monthly as well as yearly pricing plans available. Let us have a look at what do their plans offer.

The free trial

There’s a free trial for you to try the service for a matter of three hours. Once you use it, you can proceed forward to purchase any plan based on your experiences.

Single device plan

Supposing you access the internet only through a single device. Then you don’t need to pay a lot as if you are using the service for multiple devices. Using this plan, you can connect to the internet via VPN for a single device at a given time.

Multiple devices plan

Supposing you have a smartphone, tablet PC and a desktop computer, and you need to have the VPN service on all your devices then this plan is pretty much ideal for you.

This package is the recommended solution for families or individuals who use multiple devices. It allows up to 3 SaferVPN connections at the same time and can be used, to connect with an iPad, a laptop and a desktop machine simultaneously.

Small office plan

This package is the best solution for small business/home office users which require up to 5 simultaneous connections.


The monthly plan is over priced. However you can go for the yearly plan which is quite economical since you are provided with a 25% discount.

Here’s an account of the pricing:

Advantages of using a VPN service:

  • Provision to surf anonymously
  • Enhanced security: excellent for financial transactions over the internet
  • Access the websites that are blocked in your country: this allows you to bypass all restrictions and connect to any service on any protocol wherever you are
  • Safety of using public Wi-Fi

What I like about SaferVPN:

  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Free trial for 3 hrs
  • Secure Browsing
  • Keep all your devices secure: SaferVPN provides an encapsulated access to the internet ensuring that your details, whereabouts are not tracked, your financial transactions are secure and no malware, malicious app attacks your system while you are online
  • High bandwidth: this makes it better than proxy servers that are quite slow
  • 24×7 customer care

Visit SaferVPN and check out for yourself why it is a need to have a VPN account now a days. If you have any questions regarding this VPN service, do let us know in the comments below and we would be happy to help you.

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