The Very Best Of VPNs

VPN stands for virtual private network, but to everyone using it, it means much more – secured privacy. It is safe to say that the illusion of being completely anonymous on the internet is in the past, but there are still some actions you can take to help you stay secure.

The Very Best Of VPNs

The Very Best Of VPNs –

Naturally, you can’t expect miracles from your VPN providers, as nobody can offer you to go totally off the radar, but if you are deciding whether you should use VPNs, we have a few pieces of advice for you, as well as our list of the best VPN companies out there.

  1. Buffered VPN

This Hungarian-bound VPN provider is on our list because though it is a young business, they appear to know what they’re doing. You can learn a lot by the number of servers that a company has in different countries, and so far Buffered VPN has sixteen and counting.

When it comes to the amount of data they keep, their rules are out in the open, but they need to be read, and not just skimmed through like too many of us do. In other words, your usage logs will remain anonymous, but the provider keeps the right to save the connection logs, which they can give to authorities, if need be.

One other bonus Buffered offers is the ability to use public Wi-Fi from airports or hotels freely, passing by the firewalls they might have. This might not be one of the best cheap vpn providers, but it’s definitely effective.

  1. VPN Area

Using VPN is becoming quintessential for using internet in a safe manner, and VPN Area is a very good VPN provider can be found in Hungaria’s neighboring country, Bulgaria.

When it comes to logs, this company assures of not keeping any whatsoever, which is a considerable plus. Another advantage of this VPN service is that you can simultaneously protect five of your devices without having to pay any additional fees.

What this company underlines as its strong point is their signature encryption procedures that make you and your internet activity visible only to your eyes, and you have seven days of free trial to test it out. Your location will remain private thanks to the fact that this VPN will change your IP address every five minutes, which is another nifty catch.

  1. Pure VPN

As we mentioned earlier, the number of servers that company has can tell you a great deal about their business, and there’s not much to add about Pure VPN after saying that it runs over four hundred servers worldwide.

We got all the thorough information about this VPN provider through PureVPN Reviews, which came to be quite accurate about all the facts about this company.

If you opt out for this provider, what you will get is a minimal drop in you connection speed (around 7%), and your IP address will remain private at all times because it will have other eighty thousand addresses to circulate through.

  1. Safer VPN

This VPN provider can be found in Israel, but it has more than twenty servers over the world. In case that you have devices which can be problematic when it comes to their compatibility, this VPN will come as a blessing to you.

This is a one-size-fits-all VPN, so whether you have iOS, Android or Windows as your operative system, you won’t have any problem with using it.

This VPN provider is so versatile thanks to the IKEv2 protocol, that makes compatibility issues fade away. The test period that Safer VPN gives is only 24 hours, so if you want to try it out, you better be expeditious about it.

  1. Express VPN

Here is a VPN provider that got its good name from its exceptional use of stealth servers, which enable you to bypass any firewalls and restrictions you can stumble across that don’t allow you to listen Spotify, watch Netflix or CNN online.

The most (in)famous firewall is certainly The Great Firewall of China, which doesn’t let you get to Facebook or any other non-Chinese search engines, but with this VPN you can.

If you are not satisfied with the services of this VPN company, you can get your money back up to thirty days after you’ve started using it.

Who Needs A VPN?

There isn’t a correct answer to this question, because it solely depends on how much you care about your internet privacy. Almost a million new viruses are released daily to the world wide web, according to CNN research, which means that with every day there’s a million more dangers to your privacy from which VPN can keep you safe.

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