How To Save Water In RO Wasted Water

Hello Folks,… How To Save Water In RO Wasted Water, Many of us in our homes in the RO water purifiers use to purify drinking water, but we know that approximately 75% of the water fed into the RO water purifier is wasted, only 25% of drinking water is adjusted to? RO 1 liter tank for safe drinking water filter, 3 liters are rejected.

How To Save Water In RO Wasted Water

The water supply as well as a huge additional expense apartment complex causes sewage treatment system. The remedy for this is very simple, toilet, laundry, kitchen utensils, cleaning, floor mopping, washing, use it for kitchen gardens etc.

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Some might say that it is waste water, so we can use it for anything. To answer this question, we drink something other than pure water to use? We do not, right? We all other activities (other than drinking) water use and everything directly to untreated waste water using RO water for which you are concerned. If your home, apartment and applying this idea to save water, save money

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Ref – The Logical Indian

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