How to Scan Different Documents with iPhone Scanner App?

Why do we need to know about iPhone Scanner app? Because we are living in a modern digital age has many perks, but also brings some disadvantages. Today there are plenty of devices that make everyday life easier and that speed up common dull activities. For example, some of them are computers, laptops, scanners, printers and many others. There’s no need for manual repetitive work anymore when useful gadgets (iPhone Scanner App) are here to help.

On the other hand, people rely a lot on them and they couldn’t imagine working without these helpful gadgets. The problem arises when they are out of reach and which isn’t so rare given that we live in the fast-paced environment, often on the fly.

Best iPhone Scanner App for Document and Receipt Scan.

Luckily, there are other mobile devices that can be handy in those situations. One such convenient tool that is always by our side is certainly an iPhone.

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Benefits of Top iPhone Scanner App.

The great advantage of this Smartphone is that with help of many suitable scanner apps, it can be transformed into any needed device. In that way, it’s possible to turn your iPhone into a small portable scanner.

There are numerous scanner apps on the market. Which can give you a hand with scanning all sorts of documents on the go? Whether you need to scan a paper document, receipt, balance sheet or business card, there’s an app for it.

Here are some apps that you should install in order to get you a mobile scanner.

iPhone Scanner App Scanner Mini.

If you think that Scanner Mini is just another scanner app and just takes photos of your paper documents, actually the same task that your iPhone camera basically does every day, you should think again. As a matter of fact, it offers more than taking a simple photo.

Whether you need to scan receipts, agreements, checks, dashboards, rentals and other documents. Scanner Mini is up for the task. In essence, this productivity app turns your iPhone into a mobile scanner and achieves the same results as a traditional scanner.

Simply snap a photo with your Smartphone or use a picture from the camera roll. Afterward, the app automatically crops the document, recognizing an adequate borders, but also it allows users to manually adjust the document size.

Likewise, very important and appreciated feature is smart scan adjustment. Scanner Mini removes shadows and corrects distortions, which often appear after taking pictures from a top-down perspective. Another useful option is a possibility to copy text from your documents thanks to built-in OCR technology.

Conclusion: iPhone Scanner App Scanner Mini is a very handy app when it comes to fast and free scanning, especially for a few documents. For users who need to scan more and need more options to share and edit documents, it’s recommendable to the full version. All in all, Scanner Mini works perfectly, offers practical features and make scanning a breeze.

Office Lens Scanner App for iPhone.

This useful app is recommended for professionals who deal with PowerPoint file format regularly and couldn’t imagine a work day without presentations. In that case, you’d use Office Lens which enables you to make pictures of whiteboards, posters or other documents and convert them into PowerPoint (.pptx) files. This is particular and unique feature separate it from other scanning apps.

Apart from this, Office Lens is very easy-to-use app. Just choose the desired note you would like to scan and select the type of media: whiteboard, document, photo and more. Then, Office Lens will frame the note, aligning it accurately, and you just need to take a picture. Also, it’s possible to crop the document. In the end, there are different options to store and save the file – export is as PDF, export it to One Drive, send it via mail and more.

Conclusion: Office Lens iPhone Scanner App digitizes not only whiteboard notes but receipts, business card and other documents too. It delivers clear scans without glare and shadows. The only negative side is that in order to edit documents, you need to subscribe to Office 365, but it’s worth it since it will save you so much time when taking notes.

Image to Word Converter Phone Scanner App.

Given that MS Word is one of the most used file formats among businessmen, but students as well, it has to be mentioned. With Image to Word app, it’s possible to take a photo of hard copies or on-screen documents and convert them into editable MS Word files for free, no subscription is required.

A great thing is that there are no limits on file size and how many files you’d like to convert. Thanks to powerful OCR engines, Image to Excel offers first-rate conversion quality and recognition. Also, it’s very convenient the fact that the conversion takes place on the servers, so the whole process won’t drain your battery.

Conclusion: Image to Word Converter iPhone Scanner App will give you a hand with scanning your receipts, notes, and other documents and transform them into editable files at the same time. Therefore it will save your time and energy from modifying your documents by hand. The only thing you’ll need is any Word editor app on your iPhone. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Image to Excel Converter Scanner App.

Speaking of Word, it’s not fair to neglect all Excel users, and among them accounts, bookkeepers, market analysts and many others. They all know how difficult is to handle tricky Excel spreadsheets and especially convert it from scanned files. That’s why Image to Excel Converter is the perfect app for you.

It converts successfully and accurately images into editable MS Excel spreadsheets. It’s possible to choose an existing photo from your camera roll or to snap a new one. Once the conversion is finished, you’ll need an app which opens Excel documents in order to start making changes on your file. A piece of cake!

This is a free app, so it means that you can convert as many files as you wish regardless their size. However, the most important characteristic is excellent recognition, so rows and columns are recognized entirely. Likewise, it’s convenient to know that the final result depends on the quality of the input.

Conclusion:  Image to Excel iPhone Scanner App is facilitated spreadsheet manipulation and digitization. If you’re a regular Excel user, this is definitely a must-have tool that will boost your productivity and be a helpful asset to your Excel treasury.

Camcard iPhone Scanner.

Another pretty significant piece of paper to all professionals is a business card. It represents an identity card in the business world, so it’s important to have it by your side or find it quickly when needed. For that reason, wouldn’t it be easier to have them all digitized in one place? Of course, it would.

In that case, you’ll need camcard app. It scans business cards and saves necessary information to phone Contacts which is a big time-saver. In addition, there’s option to add notes and reminders to contacts. Also, you can forget about those inconvenient situations when you run out of paper cards since now it’s possible to exchange electronic cards securely.

Conclusion: camcard iPhone Scanner App turns your iPhone into a business card holder, where everything is clear and regularly updated. An essential tool for every successful entrepreneur, sales agent, marketing manager and all other who take care of their business identity.

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Is there any other scanner app you prefer, an app that you frequently use and that does all annoying job for you? Then recommend it to us and share your experience in comments with us.

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