Top Google Chrome Extensions for Personalized Internet Experience

Google Chrome is one of the most popular internet browsers that is used by millions of people from all over the globe. Google Chrome is an innovative platform for both, smartphones as well as computers but despite all of its features, Chrome is not the perfect browser until and unless you make some efforts and turn it into one. How to do that? By adding extensions. That is right, adding extensions to your internet browser is a great way to personalize your web experience and that is exactly what we are going to discuss today in this article.

Top Google Chrome Extension

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Best Google Chrome Extensions –

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Clearly is an extension that enables you to focus on the page that you are reading online on Google Chrome. It does not matter if it is a blog post, news article, or literature, you can easily concentrate on the piece of writing without any interruptions. Moreover, this extension also allows you to save the articles so you can read them later.

Boomerang for Gmail

Sending out emails can be a hectic task if that is what you have to do all day long. In such stressful times, Boomerang brings the perfect solution to your emailing problems. This particular extension allows you to schedule emails that you have to send later, making sure that you do not forget to do so.

In addition to this, you can also keep unread emails in a special folder before they jump into your inbox. This enables you to handle all the important emails at once instead of dealing with them at irregular intervals.

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is an Ad Blocker that shuts down banner ads, pop-up ads and prevents other ad links from popping up on your screen.

For many years, Adblock has dominated the ad-block market and its fierce competition. People used to have Adblock as their default ad-blocking extension on their internet browsers, but due to some controversies by Adblock, it became less popular.

uBlock Origin has maintained its reputation as a superior ad blocker by staying effective. Therefore, this extension should be the first thing that you install in your internet browser to enjoy safe browsing and a user-friendly web experience.

Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is another must-have extension that exists to make your life easier by protecting your online activities. This particular extension stops advertising websites from monitoring your online activity as they track your search history and show you the ads of the products that you searched for on search engine platforms.

HTTPS Everywhere

Your internet browser handles two types of traffic, which are as follows:

  • Standard HTTP
  • Encrypted HTTP, also known as HTTPS

For decades, Standard HTTP has been the default protocol, however, as the internet began to expand, security concerns also increased. HTTP is good but it does not provide any protection and is easy for intruders to intercept which makes it a weak protocol.

Encrypted HTTP aka HTTPS on the other hand, is secure and well protected, it was created to promote encrypted browsing. HTTPS is perfect for carrying out financial tasks on the internet, like banking and online shopping. 

The HTTPS Everywhere is an extension that was introduced by Electronic Frontier Foundation, commonly known as EFF, to prevent some websites from accessing your online activity and it ensures that your data is safe and secure from prying eyes.


When you purchase products and services online, chances are that those products and services went through Amazon. Most of the deals that you get from Amazon are still over-priced but there is no way to find the original price, is there?

Camelizer is the perfect solution to your problem of paying more for something less. Camelizer is an extension that gives you invaluable graphical data about all the products and services on Amazon so that you know the real price of the goods that you buy.

In addition to this, Camelizer lets you see the price hikes along with its sale history, which means that his particular extension is all about saving money and becoming informed about the changes in the prices of various products.


Malwarebytes is one of those few virus scanners that protect your computer from viruses that make it slow. The company that developed this anti-virus extension has expanded and is now introducing the concept of real-time scanning to prevent viruses from attacking your computer.

Behind the Overlay

One of the most irritating things on the internet is pop-ups. These pop-ups become even more irritating when you are busy and suddenly a message appears on the screen demanding you to sign up for the website and its newsletter.

Have you ever faced this problem?

Do not worry, Behind the Overlay is the perfect solution to this problem. With this extension, you will never have to face pop-up messages again as it blocks all the messages instantly with just one click.

That is all for today. Stay tuned to learn more about internet extensions.

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