Transformation of the era through intelligent Apps

Once an upon a time, machines solving problems and possessing human-like thought process was just an illusion mentioned in the scientific fictions. Now the line between imagination and reality has started to dissolve each and every day, giving rise to technologically improved systems.

Transformation of the era through intelligent Apps

Artificial Intelligence,

Artificial Intelligence has acted as the game changer for the modern age and has marked the origin of a new era. In this era, day by day scientists is putting forward their efforts to develop automated IT systems which will be able to solve real life problems without any assistance provided by humans.

Intelligent Applications

Throughout all these years, smartphones have become our regular companions and the various applications installed have shaped the generation since a long time. Necessities such as ordering food, booking a cab, buying clothes and other household items have been confined to the human touch or hardly a mouse click. An all rounder companion like Google as well as some other modified products have been a gift to our generation. Some of the successful applications of Artificial intelligence are described as follows:

1) Siri:

The voice automated personal assistant of Apple has been providing an awesome experience to the users, helping them with navigation, searching music and other necessary things like internet access, searching documents or pictures through galleries.

2) Alexa:

The agent of Amazon, Alexa has created a revolution in the commerce industry with its jaw-dropping ability to reveal effective results through the search engines bringing thousands of positive feedback.

3) Tesla:

It is known to be the most popular and effective car and also the blue-eyed boy of every car-lover. This self-driven car has amazing properties like fast navigation, self-control, and other technologically modified up-gradations.

Risks with Application Support

Certain tech applications have already revealed their talent and they have worked better in comparison to any human agents.

For example, messenger bots are efficient of their own who are able to purchase flowers or order tickets online and their efficiency and productivity rate is much higher if compared to any human representative.

This risks the job-security of thousands of people involved in such businesses due to the extra working ability of such applications. This will generate an era which will witness technologically modified systems besides having a large number of unemployed human professionals.

According to the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence(AAAI), manufacture of such machines and robots have already begun which possess the ability of self-defence as well the thought process to choose their arms when attacked.

Along with that, the systems have been able to achieve ‘Cockroach intelligence’ with the elimination of certain unavoidable viruses.

Emergence of a new set of Skills

Keeping in mind that the evolution of much-developed systems is already happening and will happen in future also, a challenge is automatically created for the human race who seem to have more percentage of inactivity and leisure time.

With the emergence of modified systems, it is expected to have such an era where there will be an effort shown by human beings to overcome the effects of Machines, pushing forward their own intellect which will increase the working capacity of their brain.

Modern ages have been marked with emerging trends of dependency on machines and this has its own advantages and disadvantages. Future awaits its own decision about the existence of human race.

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